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Your Guide To Rough Rider Knives

Your Guide To Rough Rider Knives

Posted by HH on 23rd Dec 2022

Need something reliable, yet incredible value? Then Rough Rider might be your best bet. Rough Rider has built a reputation for itself since it was set up more than 25 years ago. It is a brand that provides a balance between style and sophistication that many will already know as well as a level of variance in design you simply won’t find elsewhere.

Named after the Rough Riders that were a volunteer cavalry regiment developed during a time when the US military was at an all-time low. These volunteers came from every part of society but they all had the same thing in common: they were ready to answer the call from their government. These men followed Theodore Roosevelt into battle, winning the Battle of San Juan.

Rough Rider Knives fit every lifestyle and they are always ready to answer the call when you need them. You will find men and women from every part of society carrying Rough Rider Knives and using them for any and every job.

No matter your budget, Rough Rider will have the perfect knife for you. One of the main attractions you will notice is their varied choice of handle materials including jigged bone and stag, to wood and glow in the dark.

Here are a few ideas on where to start with this heritage brand:

Rough Rider Miniature Muskrat

This resin-handled miniature knife is the perfect companion for a casual knife fan who wants a taste of America embodied in a utility piece. Crafted in the spirit of the old country, this is a truly beautiful knife made for those who want a classic look, but modern reliability.

Rough Rider Framelock Black

A modern take for this brand, the framelock is a sleek but futuristic build. Just 3’ when closed, this is a beautiful take on the modern folding style from a brand that is rooted in the past. A black, steel model it’s a natural choice for the knife aficionado.

Rough Rider Custom Shop Knife Kit CS5

Rough Rider are genuine knife enthusiasts. Their love of knives shines through in the pure design of knives like this. The 6.4 ins blade included in this version is 440 stainless and has wooden handle scales. Truly built for the wild west and beyond.

Rough Rider Roy Rogers Bowie Large

This colourful and contemporary Roy Rogers King of the Cowboys Bowie knife has artwork on the clip point blade with wood and natural bone handles. Inspired by classic Americana, this is truly a display item.

The blade is 440A stainless steel blade with full colour onlay on front depicting comic artwork. Truly iconic and a talking point for anyone who sees it.

Rough Rider Jumbo Trapper Brown Stag Bone

The Rough Rider Jumbo Trapper is a big old folder in the traditional style. There are two blades, one clip point and one Wharncliff.

The brown stag bone handle is an extremely attractive feature in combination with the nickel silver bolsters and brass liners.

Rough Rider Apta Folder Red

If you like a classically styled, non-locking UK carry folder then the APTA folder with a red and black aluminium handle could be a sensible choice.

A more subtle, straight style that we’re used to seeing from this brand, it’s certainly one that makes a statement.

Rough Rider Great Alaskan Ulu

Want a truly unique and innovative piece? Here’s a true contender for most unusual collector’s item we think we have in stock. The Alaskan Ulu is a utility piece that is used in traditional Alaskan life for anything from filleting fish to chopping huge chunks of ice. All about shape and functionality rather than blade length, it's centre of gravity is controlled fully by the handle.

These days it can be used for anything from chopping vegetables to slicing pizza in a satisfying, solid way. It’s almost too beautiful to not just display and highlights the absolute variance this brand showcases.

Rough Rider Mini Canoe Green

A dual blade small pocket knife can be a real boon at your side. This ‘canoe’ design from Rough Rider shows their eccentric style whilst also offering up a spear and straight set of blades for those awkward and fiddly jobs. Beautiful as well as useful, this is the essence of Rough Rider wrapped up in a neat little package. Pocket knives have never looked so appealing.

Rough Rider Cajun Bowie Mini

Full size Bowie knives can be an intimidating size for even the most seasoned knife expert. Thankfully there’s this handy, attractive mini version from Rough Rider that fits in your palm. Perfect for smaller jobs and a real curio item, this will be a talking point piece among your collection for sure. Full tang and with a polished finish, it’s a gem of a knife.

Rough Rider Thrower

There's a growing sport knife throwing community in the UK, and this piece is a really solid knife which can be used comfortably or would sit well in a collection of the more unusual and curious items you might have.

Alongside the other Rough Rider items we’ve highlighted here, this is a truly unique item that you’ll want to have on display. Almost completely flat, the unorthodox blade shape here lends it a futuristic feel. The black micarta handle finishes off what is a must-have knife.

Want to seek out more inventiveness from Rough Rider?

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