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Your Guide To Viper Knives

Your Guide To Viper Knives

Posted by HH on 26th Sep 2022

When it comes to craftsmanship, you’d be hard-pushed to find a more effective blend of innovation and functionality than Italian knife brands. Sleek but workable and reliable, it’s one of the best regions of the world for fixed or folding tools.

Viper Knives are a really good example of this. Around since 1987, their brand is known for its rich heritage but also its innovation particularly with mastering working with Damascus steel.

Based in the Maniago area of Northern Italy, the company is nestled in a traditional knife-making region, meaning you can be sure of excellent craftsmanship.

Want to start on your Viper Knives journey? Check out this selection we have in stock. There’s a tool for you somewhere in here:

Viper Pointer


Quality and craftsmanship come as standard when it comes to Italian knives. The blade on this particular fixed-blade model is 3.8mm thick and crafted from Bohler N690 Cobalt stainless steel. Encased within an Olive or Ebony wood handle, the package is finished off with a beautiful leather sheath. Perfect for your first introduction to the brand, this is an affordable but effective piece.

Viper Berus 1 Carbon Fibre Drop Point


The Viper Berus 1 is a Tommaso Rumici design and is a light and compact fixed blade knife, designed to be like a folder, for the daily tasks on site. This version has a drop point blade made from Böhler M390 stainless steel and a handsome marbled carbon fibre handle. The full tang construction provides an innate strength to the knife whilst the large hole at the butt end gives you a number of handy carry options. It is supplied with a Kydex sheath with and Ulti Clip attached.

Viper Key Carbon Fibre


Jesper Voxnaes is a name synonymous with craftsmanship and quality. Built to last with an emphasis on use and toughness, this will be a great companion tool for whatever you seek to achieve in your adventures. Truly a stunning and stylish piece it’s also legal for UK carry. It is available in several different handle types with or without a bolster.

Viper Novis Carbon Fibre


The Novis is a brilliant utility knife brought to you from the mind of Fabrizio Silvestrelli, a master at what he does and a true believer in usability and function. Housed in a beautiful Italian leather pocket pouch, it’s a knife that will stand the test of time but will also look stunning at your side as well.

The blade, with a modified Wharncliffe shape, has an almost straight line and a strong tip. The unique Böhler M390 Microclean steel means the blade has particularly biting cutting capacity and long edge life.

Viper Key Titanium Ridge


The Viper Key Titanium Ridge is another bonafide hit from Jesper Voxnaes. Available with or without a bolster, this is a knife that is one that other knife collectors will envy due to it’s ridged, corrugated handle and striking colour.

Elegant filework which decorates the rounded back spine also finishes off what is one of the most engaging knives we’ve seen recently. UK legal for carry, this is one to keep in mind if you want something that combines looks with functionality.

Viper Key Damascus Carbon Fibre Bronze


There’s something very special about Damascus finishes and Viper are one of the originators who have created this with their deep work with wire. As a result this is one of their most visually arresting knives and the features here sell themselves.

Another from the design stable of Jesper Voxnaes, this version features a stunning carbon fibre handle with bronze flecks running through the material. This creates a truly standalone knife, combined with the Damascus blade it is a knife that will improve and elevate any serious knife collection.

Viper Orion Damascus


Need a hunting knife that also looks the part? This Fabrizio Silvestrelli model is perfect in nearly every way. From the long, thick handle, down to the beautifully tempered Damascus finish, this will do the job for any job at any size but will also mean you feel you are handling a truly special tool. Comes in a beautiful wooden collector’s box too just to put the bow on it.

Viper Turn G10


Fabrizio Silvestrelli knows how to create something modern, with all the vintage panache that can be included along the way. Designed with an advanced lock-back system, which blends tradition, practicality and modern construction technologies, it makes for a futuristic looking knife with all the functionality of the past baked in.

The Turn is one of the few back lock folders that uses ball bearings, ensuring a smooth and fluid rotation of the blade. Weighty, it feels reassuring in the palm and will perform when you need it to.

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