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What To Buy A Knife Collector For Christmas?

What To Buy A Knife Collector For Christmas?

Posted by HH on 15th Dec 2023

Christmas is an exciting time, however it can also be unnecessarily stressful if you’re stuck trying to work out what people would want to unwrap on Christmas Day. No one wants to be known as the Christmas Eve shopper, frantically throwing novelty socks and discounted chocolate into their trolley as they whizz around the supermarket in search of the forgotten gravy granules and long-shot gifts.

If you have a knife collector or someone who shows a keen interest in the outdoors, bushcraft or learning survival skills, Heinnie Haynes is your one-stop shop for the perfect Christmas gift. We’re confident whatever you pick will be at the top of the receiver’s ‘best 2023 Christmas gifts’ list.

Knives are not just instruments of utility but also works of art. They carry history within their edges. This isn't about just having a non-descript tool; rather it's an appreciation for beauty and function melded together in one seamless design.

You see, Böker, Cold Steel, Kershaw, and knives in the Heinnie Haynes fixed blade collection have decades of history behind them. The heritage and craftsmanship that goes into each piece adds a layer of depth to your loved one's collection.

So remember, finding the right gift for the knife collector in your life is about more than just buying the first shiny thing you see. It's about understanding what the receiver values in a knife and then selecting a gift that resonates with them on a personal level.

A Damascus steel folding knife might just take their breath away. A well-crafted belt knife could be an unexpected surprise, while nothing says 'I understand you' more than adding to their hand-forged collection.

The trick is in knowing what would really delight them – it's not always about rarity or cost but often appreciation of craftsmanship and functionality too.

Table Of Contents

  1. Understanding knife collectors and their preferences
    • The essence of a knife collection
    • Gifting ideas
  2. Types of knives for collectors
    • Pocket knives - compact yet versatile tools loved by many collectors
    • Fixed blade knives - ideal for those who value strength and reliability in their collection
  3. Materials and the construction of collectible knives
    • Damascus: a historical favourite
    • Stainless steel: modern elegance meets durability
    • Carbon steel: superior edge retention
    • Blade construction: an art in itself
    • Handle: comfort meets style
  4. Care and maintenance of collectible knives
    • Maintaining the sharp edge
    • Proper storage: a place for every knife
  5. Unique accessories for knife collectors
  6. Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
    • What do you get someone who collects knives?
    • What is the tradition of gifting knives?
    • What to gift with a knife?
    • Is it normal to have a knife collection?

Understanding knife collectors and their preferences

Embarking on the exploration of knife collecting unveils a captivating mix of artistry, craftsmanship and functionality. Much like any dedicated hobbyist, knife collectors possess distinct tastes that shape their collections. Whether it's historical patterns from revered makers or innovative modern designs, the array of ideal gifts for the enthusiasts is vast and diverse.

Gifts tailored to specific interests demonstrate thoughtfulness while feeding one's passion. The same principle applies when selecting gifts for knife collectors. Unique offerings, such as limited production and custom knives or accessories, can make great gifts for those with an eye for uniqueness and detail.

The essence of a knife collection

Diving deeper into this world unveils more than sharp edges and shiny surfaces, it opens up conversations about history, culture and knife uses in all settings from the home to the workplace through to survival tactics and outdoor work. But at its core is always an appreciation of well-crafted tools, whether they're meant to be used in the wild or be admired on display shelves.

Beyond being functional tools, knives carry significant cultural symbolism which often fuels collection enthusiasm among collectors in the UK and around the globe. These symbolic values can greatly influence preferences.

Gifting ideas

If you haven’t already, we recommend talking with the collector in your life to understand what kind of knife they would appreciate.

If practicality is key, they may get plenty of use out of our multi-tools and pocket tools. However, if they love cooking up a culinary storm in their outdoor kitchen they’ll value our high-quality kitchen knives.

Of course, some collectors are drawn towards knives due to their materials and aesthetic qualities, appreciating artisanal blades that showcase intricate detailing and can take pride of place in display cabinets. Our limited production and custom knives are ideal for this type of collector.

From rugged survival knives with solid handles and hard wearing steel blades to delicate pieces featuring intricate patterns or elaborate handle colours, there’s a style for every collector.

Here are three of our favourites:

The TBC Custom Urban XL Timascus Folding Knife is sure to be at the top of many knife collectors' wish list. If you’re looking for that extra special gift that really says ‘Merry Christmas and thank you for all you do for me’, this is the one. It’s a gift that will be cherished and admired for eternity. Whilst it is thoroughly modern, it is a real heirloom piece.

The designer Trevor Burger, from Trevor Burger Custom Knives, follows a long family tradition of distinguished craftsmanship. He is a second-generation knife and toolmaker who has earned an international reputation for exceptional quality. Each of his exquisite yet highly-functional knives are individually hand-built to the highest degree of custom fit and finish.

The knife (above) features a Magnacut stainless steel blade with an incredibly smooth opening thanks to the ceramic ball-bearing pivot. It locks securely into place with a frame lock mechanism. The handle is Grade 5 Titanium with a stunning blue Timascus inlay. The pocket clip and partial back spine are the same eye-catching material.

The bold and eye-catching David Steier Custom Ironwood Damascus Folding Knife is a popular option among enthusiastic knife collectors. You’ll definitely win the ‘best gift giver’ if the knife collector in your life unwraps this on Christmas morning.

Crafted by the exceptionally talented custom knife maker David Steier, known for his skill in working with exotic materials, these knives exhibit an extraordinary level of artistry. They continue to be massively popular here in the UK.

This sleek and timeless design includes a Mike Norris Damascus blade with a thumb stud adorned with a Mother of Pearl inlay. The bolsters showcase Robert Eggerling Damascus, revealing intricate patterns upon closer inspection. The Desert Ironwood scales are carefully chosen, and the back spine and liners feature skillful file work for added detail.

You could say, why have one blade when you could have three? The D.R. Davis Custom Three Blade Whittler Folding Knife is a stunning piece of craftsmanship. This is a really timeless pattern that will always be relevant.

Ideal for collectors who like to have a lot to look at, it’s definitely a knife the collector in your life will have been saving for. Can you imagine their excitement and gratitude on Christmas Day when they see they’ve been gifted this beauty?

Crafted by D.R. Davis, a custom knife maker from Greensburg, Kentucky, this Three Blade Whittler is a unique and attractive folding knife. D.R. Davis is committed to creating high-quality knives using top-notch materials on his Tramell Creek farm in the USA.

If you want to spoil the knife collector in your life but you have a smaller budget, we stock a range of special products designed to suit all budgets. Check out our high quality and beautifully manufactured Swiss Army Knives, or our sheaths and holsters.

Types of knives for collectors

For knife enthusiasts, expanding their collection with new items is a rewarding experience. Whether it's the appeal of classic pocket knives or the sturdy strength of fixed blades, each addition has its own story to tell.

Pocket knives - compact yet versatile tools loved by many collectors

A pocket knife, known for its compact design and versatile functionality, is often a collector's initial passion. Their folding mechanism enhances versatility, making these knives handy for a range of everyday, utility and outdoor tasks.

Heinnie Haynes is the top UK supplier of folding pocket knives. On our site, you can refine your search for specific features, including UK-friendly carry. We stock leading brands like Benchmade, Buck, Boker Plus, CRKT, James Brand and Kizer, offering various locking mechanisms.

Fixed blade knives - ideal for those who value strength and reliability in their collection

Moving away from foldable models, let’s examine fixed blade knives - known for stability under pressure due to the absence of moving parts. Be it survival situations requiring resilience or precision cuts during game preparation, they are go-to choices.

Survival machetes, crafted with generational expertise, offer both tradition and practicality, making them sought-after collectibles.

Materials and the construction of collectible knives

The materials used in making collectible knives significantly impact their quality, functionality and appeal. The blade is the heart of any knife. The type of steel used impacts its performance and its longevity. Here, we explain the value of these components.

Damascus: a historical favourite

Damascus has long been revered for its strength, durability and unique patterns. Originating from ancient sword-making techniques in the Middle East, Damascus blades are created by folding multiple layers of steel during forging. The result is a blade that combines hard cutting edges with tougher more flexible parts to resist chipping or breaking.

Stainless steel: modern elegance meets durability

A stainless steel knife offers a high degree of resistance to rusting or staining due to its chromium content. While stainless steels may not match the edge retention of carbon steels during heavy use, they provide superior corrosion resistance. This is crucial for collectors seeking knives that retain their aesthetic value over time with minimal maintenance.

Carbon steel: superior edge retention

If we're talking about an edge that stays sharp longer than others then your best bet would likely be carbon steel blades. Carbon steel gives these knives great hardness leading them to be capable of maintaining an extremely sharp edge for extended periods compared to other materials - something many users appreciate.

Craftsmanship plays a crucial role in shaping any collector's piece into a valuable asset - there's no denying this fact. Imagine the joy of having a knife that’s handcrafted by skilled artisans using traditional methods passed down through generations.

The creation process involves meticulous attention at every stage: from choosing the right kind of material (be it Damascus, stainless or carbon steel), to final polishing and finishing.

Blade construction: an art in itself

The blade's construction is a vital part of its performance and appeal. The process involves several stages, each demanding precision and expertise.

To start with, the blanking stage is where the blade shape is cut out from a sheet of steel. Then, we move on to the heat-treating process - a meticulous process of shaping, tempering and sharpening. This attention to detail ensures the blade not only looks striking but performs exceptionally well too.

Handle: comfort meets style

Handle materials (whether bone, wood or synthetic compounds), along with hand-forged details, all contribute to the knife's unique character. Whether you're a collector, shopping for a loved one or simply appreciate fine craftsmanship, understanding these elements enhances your experience with collectible knives.

The handle colour is a frequently overlooked aspect when collecting knives. It holds a crucial role, adding visual appeal and complementing overall ergonomics. Whether on display or held in hand, choosing a knife with a pleasing colour enhances both the tactile and visual experience.

Different materials such as wood. Micarta or G10 offer varying aesthetics while ensuring comfort during use – whether for practical purposes like whittling or simply admiring one’s collection.

Care and maintenance of collectible knives

Knife collecting is a hobby steeped in craftsmanship, precision and passion. The range of products in our knife care collection make ideal stocking filler gifts for passionate knife collectors who like to keep their collection looking its best.

Maintaining the sharp edge

A knife's functionality is in its sharpness. Regular honing with our knife sharpeners will maintain that sharp edge, keeping it ready for use or display anytime.

You can use traditional sharpening stones or modern diamond-coated tools depending on what suits your blade best. It's not just about achieving an edge; maintaining it requires frequent light touches with a hone or steel hand rod.

Take a look at our blog ‘ Knife Sharpening Essentials: A Guide For Outdoor Enthusiasts’ to see some of our most gift-worthy sharpening tools and accessories.

Proper storage: a place for every knife

Having a space to store their knives is a knife collector must-have. If you’re buying for someone who is just starting a collection or whose knife display has seen better days, the perfect gift is quality and stylish knife storage.

Storing knives correctly will help protect them from damage and make them easily accessible. Each knife should have its own space, free from the risk of knocking against others and potentially causing damage. Keep knife storage out of reach if there are young children around.

Unique accessories for knife collectors

Knife collectors appreciate items that enhance their collection or the experience of owning it. From knife carriers to benchstones for sharpening, there's a world of accessories here at Heinnie Haynes.

Search our range of waist bags, EDC pouches and tactical organisers crafted from robust components.

Knife collectors (often outdoor enthusiasts) benefit from a quality tactical backpack with sturdy shoulder straps, allowing easy carriage of essential items during expeditions. As highlighted earlier, maintaining the sharpness of collectible knives is crucial for preserving their artistic value. If you opt for a whetstone from our collection, consider recommending our blog ‘How To Keep Your Knives In Premium Condition Using A Whetstone’ when gifting a whetstone.

FAQs in relation to knife collectors Christmas gift guide

What do you get someone who collects knives?

A unique knife, such as a handmade TBC Custom Folding Knife, or an unusual design like the David Steier Damascus Folding Knife, can make a knife collector’s collection stand out.

What is the tradition of gifting knives?

The custom of giving knives dates back to ancient times. It's often seen as a symbol of trust and respect between the giver and receiver.

What to gift with a knife?

You could give them knife and tool accessories like a durable knife carrier or tools for knife care and maintenance, ensuring a knife collector keeps their blades in top condition.

Is it normal to have a knife collection?

Absolutely. Collecting knives is akin to collecting stamps or coins. Many people appreciate the craftsmanship, history and variety that come with different types of blades.

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