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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your Tactical Tomahawk

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your Tactical Tomahawk

Posted by HH on 4th Jan 2024

There's a heft to it, an undeniable presence as you wrap your fingers around the handle. A tactical tomahawk isn't just any tool. It’s tradition and innovation that sparks curiosity in even the most seasoned knife collector.

Picture this: You're deep in the woods, miles from civilisation with nothing but nature's orchestra for company. That's when your trusty hawk axe comes into play - not just for chopping firewood but also doubling as survival equipment that could save your skin.

This piece covers the evolution, anatomy and selection of tactical tomahawks. It features top picks, specialised uses, throwing techniques and a spotlight on the CRKT Kangee T-Hawk. The article compares tactical tomahawks, discusses their role in survival and provides care tips.

Table Of Contents
  1. Understanding the tactical tomahawk
    • The evolution from traditional to tactical
    • Anatomy of a tactical tomahawk
  2. Choosing your tactical tomahawk
    • Forged for functionality
    • Balance in hand
  3. Top picks for tactical tomahawks
    • Walther Tactical Tomahawk 2
    • United Cutlery M48 Tac Tomahawk
  4. Spotlight on CRKT Kangee T-Hawk
  5. Comparing tactical tomahawks with other axes
  6. Where to find quality tactical tomahawks
  7. Care and maintenance tips for your tactical tomahawk
    • Keep it clean: stainless steel needs shine
    • The sharper edge: honing your hawk
    • Safe storage solutions: handle with care

Understanding the tactical tomahawk

The tactical tomahawk is a modern twist on an age-old tool. Once vital for survival, it's now cutting-edge in more ways than one.

The evolution from traditional to tactical

A throwback to Native American roots, tomahawk axes have journeyed through time. Today's tactical versions have swapped tradition for innovation with their hawk axe design – think throwing axes that special forces troops would nod at approvingly.

It's not just about having a hand axe anymore. We're talking serious kit like the Walther Tactical Tomahawk 2 that gives you some real heft when you need it most.

Anatomy of a tactical tomahawk

Digging into what makes these beauties tick is like opening up an engineer’s blueprint: every curve and angle serves its purpose. With handle lengths perfected for balance and bit axes shaped precisely for maximum impact, they're designed to look good and perform under pressure.

Vikings might have settled for less sophisticated gear back in the day but - make no mistake - today’s stainless steel blades mean business with each swing (whether it be chopping firewood or making your mark in throwing sports).

Choosing your tactical tomahawk

When picking out a tactical tomahawk, consider your individual style and intended use, whether it's for carving wood or more demanding tasks. When looking at primary uses, think about what you'll actually use it for. Will it be wood carving around the campfire or taking on more robust utility tasks?

Forged for functionality

A sharp cutting edge is key when performance is top priority. But not all edges are made equal; some are designed with finesse in mind, perfect for detailed work. Others boast strength and durability that make short work of tougher jobs.

The head shape will tell you much about its purpose too. A leaner axe blade hints at agility - ideal if precision matters most in your adventures or craftwork. On the flip side, something like the Walther Tactical Tomahawk 2 (with its heftier build) is built to take on anything without flinching.

Balance in hand

The handle isn't just there so you don’t grab the wrong end - it’s crucial for balance and control during use. Ever tried chopping kindling with an unbalanced hand axe? It's no walk in the park. Whether crafting tools from nature itself or setting up camp after dusk falls, weight distribution makes all the difference between awkward chops and swift success.

If we're talking about throwing axes, then grip becomes even more important. The feel of that handle launching forward must give confidence as well as comfort if you’re aiming to hit that sweet spot every time.

Top picks for tactical tomahawks

We’ve got some top-notch picks from big names in the game that have mastered the blend of tradition and cutting-edge tech.

Walther Tactical Tomahawk 2

If you fancy something more modern, look no further than the Walther Tactical Tomahawk 2. This versatile tool is perfect for throwing axe sports, but also comes through during intense utility tasks thanks to its stainless steel construction and robust polymer handle.

This double-bladed marvel is equipped to effortlessly split logs or serve as an impromptu hammer, thanks to its back-end design.

United Cutlery M48 Tac Tomahawk

The United Cutlery M48 Tac Tomahawk combines style with piercing power, making tasks easy. The hand-forged head ensures maximum holding power, and the nylon snap button sheath keeps things tidy. United Cutlery impresses with both style and serious functionality, making them reliable allies in situations requiring precision and power.

Spotlight on CRKT Kangee T-Hawk

The CRKT Kangee T-Hawk stands out in the crowd of tactical tomahawks. Designed by Ryan Johnson, a name synonymous with cutting-edge craftsmanship, this model is not just for show. This tomahawk has been skilfully designed to combine weight and control for a perfect equilibrium, making it an ideal choice for those who need both accuracy and strength.

Fashioned from high-grade SK5 carbon steel, the Kangee T-Hawk’s blade offers unmatched durability that can withstand even the most demanding tasks. Whether you're involved in outdoor survival scenarios or need a reliable tool for utility work, this hawk delivers without breaking a sweat. Its unique design allows for holding power when chopping wood or carving out creativity during peaceful moments at camp.

The ergonomically-designed handle prioritises user comfort, featuring top-notch quality with tough glass-reinforced polymer handle scales around a full tang construction. Gripping this tactical tomahawk towards the bit axe head instills confidence in every swing, thanks to its outstanding holding power and stability.

The CRKT Kangee T-Hawk includes a sturdy Kydex sheath with snap-button closures for secure and quick access. The Molle-equipped, form-fitting design easily slips over the head and secures with a buckled strap. It ensures efficient tool storage and retrieval, minimizing fumbling during tasks.

Heinnie Haynes also stocks the CRKT Woods Kangee T-Hawk (also designed by Ryan Johnson of RMJ Tactical), a versatile and durable 1055 carbon steel tool with a rock-solid head, hammer finish and a comfortable Tennessee hickory handle, perfect for various tasks in the woods.

Comparing tactical tomahawks with other axes

When it comes to versatility, the tactical tomahawk stands out from its woodland cousins. While your average camp axe might chop firewood like a champ, a tactical tomahawk does that and so much more.

Cold Steel Hudson Bay Camp Axe

The Hudson Bay Camp Axe is a faithful reproduction of a historical design, boasting over a century of tradition. Its compact size makes it a practical companion for any outdoor excursion. The standout feature is its robust clamp-like locking mechanism, setting a new standard in durability. This axe is essential for woodland adventures, combining historical charm with modern ruggedness.

Cold Steel Pipe Hawk

For those who appreciate the classic look of a Pipe Hawk but find the traditional design lacking, the Cold Steel Pipe Hawk offers a solution. Crafted from precision-forged 1055 carbon steel, it features a lengthy and reasonably wide cutting edge. The solid, fully-hardened hammer poll, designed to mimic a hollow pipe bowl, enhances its versatility. With a 19" hickory handle and weighing around 26 ounces, it strikes a balance between heft for effective chopping or throwing and the strength needed for tasks like driving nails.

Hudson Bay Camp Axe vs. Pipe Hawk

The Hudson Bay Camp Axe is more focused on historical authenticity and a groundbreaking locking mechanism. The Pipe Hawk prioritises versatility, combining a classic Pipe Hawk appearance with a solid and practical design.

The Cold Steel Hudson Bay Camp Axe and Pipe Hawk offer different appeals – the former emphasising historical accuracy and a robust locking mechanism, while the latter provides a modern take on the classic Pipe Hawk design with enhanced functionality.

Tactical tomahawks, in contrast, bring a contemporary, versatile edge to the table, catering to a broader range of outdoor and tactical applications.

Where to find quality tactical tomahawks

Finding the perfect tactical tomahawk may seem daunting but, with some knowledge, you can pinpoint what you need.

Whether you're a collector or an outdoor enthusiast, having top-tier gear is essential. If you're drawn to historical charm and unparalleled quality, the Walther Tactical Tomahawk 2 is a sturdy option, capable of handling heavy-duty tasks.

Transitioning from German engineering to American craftsmanship, consider United Cutlery. The M48 Tac Tomahawk seamlessly blends sleek design with practicality, making it a strong contender for your wish list, propelled by its sheer coolness factor.

And don't forget Estwing - their Black Eagle line epitomises reliability and has an allure that draws in both the seasoned knife collector and newcomers alike. The Estwing Black Eagle Tactical Tomahawk is lightweight, making it easy to carry with a well-balanced design. It's forged in the USA from genuine American steel in a single piece. The beveled edge enhances its cutting ability, and its balanced design ensures optimal control. Ideal for tasks like breaching, excavation, extrication, trenching, cutting and digging, this tool is versatile and durable, forged from high-quality US steel.

Care and maintenance tips for your tactical tomahawk

Love your tactical tomahawk? Keep it ready for any task with some savvy care and maintenance. Keep that stainless steel blade shiny, and think about the polymer handle and all those utility tasks waiting in the wings.

Keep it clean: stainless steel needs shine

A clean tomahawk is a happy one, especially when we're talking cold steel. After each use, give it a wipe down to prevent rust and grime buildup. Remember, even stainless can stain if neglected. A bit of soapy water will do wonders but steer clear of abrasive pads – they're no mates for your metal.

The sharper edge: honing your hawk

Blunt edges are as useful as a chocolate teapot, so sharpen up. Whether you’re into wood carving or other utility tasks, maintaining that cutting edge is key. Use a honing stone regularly. Circular motions work best to keep the axe head keen without wearing it down unevenly.

Safe storage solutions: handle with care

Your hawk's polymer handle isn't just there for looks. It’s built tough yet needs TLC. When storing away your trusty tool, make sure it’s dry and pop on its nylon sheath for protection against nicks and accidents. Avoid damp sheds or attics because extreme temperatures are troublesome.

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