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Survival Food: A Comprehensive Guide for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Survival Food: A Comprehensive Guide for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Posted by HH on 19th Oct 2023

Contemplate what it requires to blossom, not just make do, in the wild. Picture this: a camping trip turned into a survival adventure and suddenly your chocolate bars and crisps aren't going to cut it. You need something more substantial - survival food!

With nature as your playground or perhaps even adversary, being equipped with the right grub can make all the difference between merely enduring and truly living.

This is where our expertise at Heinnie Haynes comes into play. We have a knack for choosing nutrition-packed meals that are perfect for your outdoor escapades. Think of energy-boosting Kendal Mint Cake, long-lasting Expedition Foods rations, and the vital know-how about water purification methods to keep you well-hydrated during your adventures.

We're not talking about grabbing a quick bite anymore. This is all about finding survival food nourishment when Mother Nature presents you with a challenge.

Understanding survival food and its importance

When venturing into the great outdoors, regardless of whether it be a brief camping jaunt or an extensive trek in the wilds, packing sustenance for survival is essential. Eating the right grub is not just about satisfying hunger - it's essential for preserving vigour and stamina during strenuous activities like trekking or camping.

The role of survival food in outdoor activities

A balanced diet is essential to maintain strength and endurance during physically demanding activities like hiking or camping. Survival foods are specially designed to offer high energy levels, long shelf life and lightweight packaging for easy transportation.

Say you've planned a multi-day trek. Carrying fresh produce would not only be cumbersome but also impractical due to its short lifespan. This is where Heinnie Haynes' range of emergency food kits comes into play with nutritionally packed offerings that cater both to taste buds and nutritional needs.

Ration packs like those offered by Heinnie Haynes can make sure that adventurers get all the nutrients needed for peak performance without compromising on flavour. In fact, these long term food supply options are so well-rounded that they could even serve as primary meal replacements if necessary.

Nutrition meets convenience: the magic of freeze dried foods

An integral part of any survival kit includes freeze-dried foods - essentially regular dishes wherein water has been removed via sublimation making them lighter while retaining most nutrients from the original ingredients. So, when hunger strikes mid-adventure or amid emergencies such as blackouts at home, rehydrating these dried foods brings back almost all of their initial quality within minutes.

MREs: ready-to-eat meals anytime you need them

No stove? No problem. MRE (Meals Ready to Eat) are fully cooked, self-contained meals that can be eaten cold or rehydrated (just add hot water - or cold water if necessary, seal the bag and wait to rehydrate). They're ideal for emergency situations where you might not have access to cooking facilities.

MRE meals aren't just functional. They also offer variety, with menus ranging from beef and potato hotpot to vegetarian options ensuring that there's something for everyone.


Survival food is essential for any outdoor adventure, giving you a high energy boost and offering long lasting shelf life with easy transport options. Heinnie Haynes' ration packs are perfect examples of this, as they give you all the necessary nutrients without compromising on taste. The ease of freeze-dried foods and ready-to-eat meals also adds to their appeal. So whether it's for a multi-day trek or dealing with an unexpected situation at home, survival food has got your back.

A close look at Expedition Foods meals for outdoor survival

When it comes to outdoor survival, one name stands out in the prepping community: Expedition Foods. Known for their long shelf life and nutritional balance, these meals have become a staple in many food packs.

Why choose Expedition Foods?

Finding reliable emergency food can be challenging. But when you need nutrition that lasts, look no further than Expedition Foods. These freeze-dried meals are designed with outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists in mind.

One of the biggest selling points of Expedition Food is its longevity. A standard pack from this brand has an impressive shelf life – perfect if you're building a long-term food supply or just want some backup grub stashed away for unexpected situations.

Their dried food selection covers all meal types: breakfasts, main courses (including vegetarian options) and desserts - they've got it covered. They provide the essential nutrients needed during strenuous activities, and also variety so you don't get bored eating the same thing over again.

Heinnie Haynes offers a wide range of ration packs from Expedition Foods, catering to diverse dietary requirements and keeping taste buds satisfied on expeditions into the wilderness.

Nutrition that packs a punch

Packing light doesn't mean compromising on sustenance. Each meal provides between 450-800 kcal depending upon the type chosen - perfect fuel to keep adventurers going strong through even the toughest challenges that Mother Nature throws at them.

  • Mains such as Beef Cottage Pie provide hearty flavours and plenty of energy.
  • Vegetarian dishes like Mediterranean Vegetable Pasta cater to different dietary preferences without compromising on taste or nutritional value.
  • Even dessert isn't neglected, with options such as Custard with Apple ensuring a sweet finish to your meals in the great outdoors.

You're all set. In no time you'll have a tasty and nutritious meal ready to enjoy, even amid the wild beauty of nature. Simply add water into the pouch and sit back for a moment as your food comes back to life - easy peasy.


Expedition Foods stands out for outdoor survival meals due to their long shelf life and nutritional balance. With a variety of freeze dried options covering breakfast, mains and desserts, they cater to diverse dietary needs without compromising on taste or nutrition. Their meals are easy to prepare - just add water. These compact packs offer 450-800 kcal each. They provide hearty sustenance that's essential when you're facing the great outdoors.

Stanley Useful Classic Box 1.2L – your trusty companion for outdoor cooking

Cooking outdoors requires the right gear, and nothing quite matches up to the Stanley Useful Classic Box 1.2L. It's your dependable mate in preparing hot meals or brewing a strong cup of coffee during those cold camping nights.

Let's delve into why this classic, multi-purpose storage box is considered a must-have for outdoor cooking enthusiasts.

Durable and reliable: the stainless steel advantage

This versatile cooking equipment is made from sturdy 18/8 stainless steel that guarantees durability even in rugged conditions, ensuring your hiking or camping food stays safe.

If you're on an adventurous hike through rocky terrains then the Stanley box means no more worrying about damaging your cookware along the way.

BPA-free: because health comes first

Safety should never be compromised when exploring nature, which makes this BPA-free box ideal for storing any kind of food supply without risking chemical contamination.

We all know how harmful BPA can be especially when heated, so using this safe option gives peace of mind knowing your health isn't being jeopardised by toxic materials while you enjoy hearty meals in stunning landscapes.

Ease-of-use: dishwasher safe means more time for adventure

Cleaning up after meals can be a chore, but this stainless steel box is BPA-free and dishwasher safe for easy post-meal maintenance. With this dishwasher-safe cooking box, washing up is no longer an issue. Clean it in your portable camping dishwasher or simply rinse it under running water and, just like that, you've got a sparkling clean dish ready for your next meal.


When it comes to outdoor cooking, the Stanley Useful Classic Box 1.2L is your trusty companion. Its stainless steel construction ensures durability and food safety in rugged conditions while being BPA-free keeps harmful chemicals at bay. Plus, it's dishwasher-safe meaning less clean-up time and more time for adventure.

Romney's Kendal Mint Cake – a historical energy source

When it comes to survival food, the story of Romney's Kendal Mint Cake stands out. This mint cake is more than just a sweet treat. It’s an energy-packed resource that has helped explorers and adventurers fuel their journeys for more than a century.

The legacy of Romney's Kendal Mint Cake

This unassuming slab, often referred to as 'Kendal Mint' or ‘Mint Cake’, traces its roots back to 1869 in the English town of Kendal. But its reputation really took off when Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay included these slabs in their provisions on their successful climb of Mount Everest in 1953.

High in sugar content, each bite delivers quick-release energy perfect for those moments when you need an instant pick-me-up during vigorous outdoor activities or emergencies.

Kendal Mint Cakes have become popular within the wilderness survival community due to their long shelf life and dense calorie count making them excellent emergency food.

Sir Ernest Shackleton also recognised this potential before his Antarctic expedition way back in 1914. Now if that isn’t testament enough about the longevity and usefulness of Kendal Mint Cake, then what is?

Selecting the right survival food for your outdoor adventures

Deciding on the appropriate foodstuff for your outdoor pursuits is an essential factor if you're a seasoned explorer or just starting out in nature. Not all sustenance is equivalent and finding the perfect harmony between nourishing worth, flavour and load can be troublesome.

Considerations when choosing survival food

You need meals that offer high energy yet remain light enough not to weigh down your backpack. Meals like Expedition Foods meals, for instance, provide a blend of carbohydrates and proteins needed for strenuous activities. But don't just get carried away by calorie count; consider dietary restrictions too.

If you're gluten intolerant or prefer vegetarian options, make sure these needs are met with gluten free and vegetarian ration packs respectively. Don't forget about taste either - emergency foods shouldn't feel like an emergency when eaten.

Alongside meals ready-to-eat (MREs), energy bars should also form part of your survival food plan as they pack nutrients into compact forms ideal for snacking on-the-go. Dried food items such as fruits also serve this purpose well due to their long shelf life without a refrigeration requirement.

The importance of variety in your ration packs

A balanced variety in your diet helps maintain interest in what you eat while ensuring different nutrient needs are covered throughout your journey. Having diverse flavours makes meal times more enjoyable rather than a chore – even out there on the trails. Consider including varied protein sources from both plant-based MREs alongside those containing meats, where possible.

Nutritional needs based on activity level

Your activity level greatly influences caloric intake requirements during outdoor adventures; higher intensity tasks demand increased calories. So, if you're planning to engage in strenuous activities like hiking uphill or cross-country skiing, ensure your survival food includes higher calorie MREs and energy bars.

Consider your cooking setup

If you’re planning to have a campfire or bring along a camping stove, then you've got the chance for some more elaborate meals. But without these amenities - think an unplanned night in a shelter - your meal options might be more limited.


Choosing the right survival food for outdoor adventures is crucial. It's all about finding a balance between nutritional value, taste and weight. Consider high-energy meals that are light on your backpack like Expedition Foods meals or MREs. Don't forget dietary restrictions - opt for gluten-free or vegan ration packs if needed. Keep it tasty with diverse flavours, and don't skimp on energy bars that can give you a quick boost when you need it most.

Essential cooking equipment for outdoor survival

When camping or in a survival situation, the right cooking equipment is essential. No matter the situation, it’s essential to have tools that are robust, lightweight and simple to use if you're camping or getting ready for an emergency survival.

Cooking pots: a must-have item

A sturdy cooking pot is your best friend when surviving outdoors. Stainless steel pots are preferred because they are robust and resistant to rust. They also distribute heat evenly, which makes them perfect for campfire cooking.

But let's not forget about portability - compact designs like the Stanley Useful Classic Box 1.2L double as storage boxes while being an excellent camping cookware item too.

The essential camping stove

Survival kits wouldn’t be complete without a portable stove – another critical piece of survival and camping gear. Gas stoves work great, but consider multi-fuel options as well since fuel availability might vary depending on where you find yourself stuck.

Multitools for preparing and eating food

You've cooked up some grub. Now, how do you eat it? Multitools with built-in cutlery come in handy here - look out for those with integrated can openers and bottle openers so opening food packs won't leave you scratching your head (or worse - fingers). Remember though, choose multitools made from materials such as stainless steel over plastic ones due to their superior durability.

Pocket knife: the ultimate survival tool

A trusty pocket knife is indispensable when preparing meals or performing other essential tasks. Look for a knife that is sharp, durable and has safety features such as a locking blade.

Water purification tools

But remember, drinking directly from streams or lakes can be risky because of waterborne pathogens. So to stay safe and hydrated on your adventures, consider using a portable water purifier. These handy gadgets can filter out harmful bacteria and viruses.


Surviving outdoors requires sturdy, lightweight cooking equipment. Stainless steel pots distribute heat evenly and resist rust, while compact designs add portability. Include a portable stove in your survival kit and consider multi-fuel options for when there is varying fuel availability. Multitools with built-in cutlery are handy for meal prep and eating - opt for durable materials like stainless steel. Don't forget to pack waterproof matches or lighters as they can be lifesavers when it comes to starting a fire in damp conditions.

Water purification and storage in outdoor survival

Having a reliable source of clean water is vital for outdoor survival. This involves two key processes: purification and storage.

The importance of water purification

Our bodies need h2O to perform, however not all liquid is secure for consumption. Many natural sources contain harmful bacteria or parasites that can make you sick, especially when your immune system might already be stressed from the demands of outdoor survival.

Purifying your drinking water helps keep these risks at bay. But how do we purify it? There are many ways, but one effective method is using water filters. These devices remove contaminants by forcing untreated water through a physical barrier or chemical process.

Selecting a suitable water filter

A good filter should be portable, durable and capable of filtering out both large debris (like leaves) as well as microscopic threats (like bacteria). They come in different shapes and sizes - some are small enough to fit into a pocket while others may require more space in your backpack.

Another option worth considering would be water treatment tablets. They're lightweight yet highly effective against most pathogens. However, remember that no solution will work if used incorrectly - always follow the manufacturer's instructions closely.

Storing your clean water

Once you've purified your drinking water, you'll need somewhere safe to store it until use. In this regard, plastic containers have an edge over their glass counterparts because they're lighter and less likely to break.

In addition to durability, another thing that needs attention here is capacity – bigger isn't necessarily better. It’s wise to pick something based on the duration of your trip and the number of people in your group. Lastly, make sure to secure lids properly to avoid leakage.

Hydration packs: a handy alternative

A convenient option for carrying water during hiking or other outdoor activities is a hydration pack. These are essentially backpacks designed with a built-in water reservoir (bladder) which you can drink from directly via a small hose without having to stop or slow down. A selection of sizes are obtainable, varying from one litre to three litres.


For outdoor survival, it's essential to have clean water. This means purifying and storing your supply correctly. Using portable filters or water treatment tablets can help make unsafe sources drinkable. Once purified, plastic containers are a good storage choice because they're lightweight and durable. Hydration packs also offer a handy way to carry water while on the move.

Other essential survival gear for outdoor expeditions

Outdoor expeditions are thrilling but they also demand preparation. Beyond survival food and cooking equipment, you need other essential gear to help ensure a safe journey.

The power of shelters and tarps

Tarps don't just provide cover from the weather, they can be a lifesaver in an unexpected crisis. A high-quality tarp, paired with some cordage and creativity, can quickly transform into an effective shelter.

It's important to remember that these shelters aren't meant to replace your tent during planned camping trips - think of them as safety nets when things don’t go according to plan.

Your lifeline – the first aid kit

No adventurer should venture out without a reliable first aid kit. Even minor injuries could escalate if not treated properly when in the wilderness. First aid kits from Heinnie Haynes have everything you might need in compact form, making it easy to carry along on all adventures big or small.

Ensure you are well-versed in how to use the contents of your first aid kit effectively. Your safety might depend on it.

Navigating with a compass and maps

Modern technology is great but there’s nothing more reliable than a good old-fashioned compass and map when navigating through unfamiliar terrain. Plus, they don’t run out of battery at crucial moments. Heinnie Haynes offers navigation tools, ensuring that you never lose your way in the wilderness.

A top tip: learn basic navigation skills before setting off on any adventure – no gear can replace knowledge.


Outdoor adventures need more than just survival food and cooking gear. Use tarps for emergency shelters, not as tent replacements. Pack ready-to-eat meals for balanced nutrition on-the-go especially when space is tight. Don't forget a compact first aid kit but remember to know how to use it. Lastly, always put your trust in the reliable old compasses and maps rather than relying solely on technology.

Building a long-term food supply – tips and tricks

Whether you're preparing for an emergency or planning a long outdoor expedition, having a reliable long-term food supply is vital. But where do you start? Let's dive into some practical tips that can help.

Select foods with high shelf life

The first rule of thumb when building your long term food supply is to select foods with high shelf life. Freeze dried meals, tins of grub and dried beans can all remain edible for yonks without going off.

Packing items like the nutritious Kendal Mint Cake not only gives you an energy boost but also adds variety to your diet during extended periods outdoors or in emergencies.

Maintain nutritional balance

Your survival doesn't just hinge on having enough food. It depends on having the right kind of nutrition too. A balanced meal should include carbohydrates for energy, proteins for muscle repair and growth, fats as additional fuel sources, plus vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables for overall health.

Avoid relying solely on one type of food source - diversify. For instance, Expedition Foods meals available at Heinnie Haynes, provide well-rounded nutritional content suitable even in extreme conditions.

Proper food storage matters

If stored incorrectly, even non-perishable foods may spoil before their expiration date. Ensure your food storage area is cool (below 20 degrees Celsius), dry (humidity under 15%), dark (to prevent nutrient degradation) and pest-free. Plastic containers could protect against pests while silica gel packets can help keep your food dry.

Remember, long term doesn't always mean forever. Regularly check your supplies and rotate them to prevent waste from expired goods.

Water – an essential part of your food supply

No survival plan is complete without a strategy for water. It's crucial not only for hydration but also cooking certain foods like rice or pasta. Store-bought bottled water typically has a longer shelf life than tap water. It could be an option if storage space allows.

When you're in a situation where it's not practical to carry large amounts of liquid, think about including portable options. This could be an effective solution that combines convenience and functionality.


When preparing for outdoor adventures or emergencies, it's essential to build a reliable long-term food supply. Opt for high shelf-life foods like freeze dried meals and canned goods but don't forget variety with items like Kendal Mint Cake. Make sure your diet is nutritionally balanced and not just filling but fueling too. Remember that storage plays an important role in maintaining the quality of your supplies - always keep your stash in a cool place.

FAQs in relation to survival food

What are the top 10 survival foods?

Dried beans, rice, canned meat and vegetables, honey, powdered milk and eggs, pasta products, salt, sugar and cooking oil make a solid survival food base.

What food should I put in my survival kit?

Pack high-energy, non-perishable items like energy bars or Kendal Mint Cake. Add freeze-dried meals from Expedition Foods for variety.

What emergency food to store for a UK emergency?

Store long life foods: tinned goods, dried fruits, pulses, grains and biscuits. Include water purifying tablets too.

How do I stock up on food for 6 months?

To prepare a six-month stash: buy gradually over time to spread the cost. Focus on staple items first then diversify with flavourings and treats.

Survival food is your ticket to thriving in the wild. We've explored its role, different types and how it can cater to specific dietary needs.

We've journeyed through energy-loaded Kendal Mint Cake and long-lasting Expedition Foods rations - these are game-changers when you're out there facing Mother Nature's curveballs.

Cookware also plays a key part. It allows efficient meal preparation so you're not left hungry in between adventures.

Remember, clean water isn't just essential for hydration but cooking too. So consider water purification methods seriously.

In essence, building a long-term food supply ensures that no matter what comes at us outdoors or during emergencies, we remain nourished and ready!

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