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​Getting Started With CRKT? Here's What You Need To Know

​Getting Started With CRKT? Here's What You Need To Know

Posted by HH on 29th Jun 2022

There’s certain brands that come with an implied sense of style, reliability and quality, and Columbia River Knife and Tool (CRKT) is one of those elusive brands.

Founded in Oregon USA in 1994, their modus operandi is ‘Confidence in Hand’, which after nearly three decades still rings true. When you are looking for a trustworthy brand, you need that level of confidence in what you are using.

Affordable, yet hard-wearing, CRKT is known for being an accessible brand, but one that really stands the test of time as well as anything you can throw at it. CRKT has a passion to develop products that help those looking to solve life's problems themselves.

Here at Heinnie Haynes, we have no qualms in pointing you in the right direction when it comes to CRKT and where to begin, so here’s a rough guide:

Basic but reliable blades (Below £50)

Quality comes as standard with Columbia River Knife and Tool, but there’s a price range to suit those starting out on their survival journey. Here’s a few selections we think carry a tempting price point, but also offer unique features. Whether you are new to collecting or want to expand your range of options, these are perfect choices.

CRKT Pazoda 2

A folding, flat knife should be an essential in anyone’s kit. Easy to affix to a key fob or bag, the Pazoda 2 is a cool, sophisticated option with a 5.4cm premium 8Cr14MoV blade. Easy opening action and the ability to affix it to a clip, it’s a superb on-hand companion for quick and repetitive jobs. All packed in a stainless steel casing, this is a knife that offers the ultimate in value.

CRKT Minimalist Wharncliffe

A neck knife is something every adventurer should consider and they don’t come any more subtle or stylish than this. The Wharncliffe is designed by Alan Folts, a metalworker and creator who has created something that is as at home with woodworking, scraping and maintenance work as it is with daily cutting tasks out and about.

With three finger choils and a braided fob, it also handles incredibly well too.

CRKT Dually

An everyday knife isn’t something everyone has, but this option could change your mind. Elegant but functional, this dual knife offers a swift blade as well as a sturdy bottle opener for those occasions when you’re in that desperate situation. As an overseer of a ranch in the scrubby hills of Magdalena, Designed by New Mexico craftsman Richard Rogers, he crafted the Dually everyday carry folding knife to be both simple and useful. The stainless steel drop point blade holds its edge while the glass-reinforced nylon handle is grippy even through heavy gloves. The bottle opener is exposed when the slip joint is disengaged and you swing the knife closed.


We’ve worked together with CRKT to offer one of the most classic knives that this brand produces, but in a non-locking style that means it’s carry-safe for the UK market.

The DNA of the Richard Rogers knife remains the same, but with certain elements changed to make it legal to carry within the UK. It is non-locking, the blade has been shortened to a still-useful 7.5cm and the thumb stud has been replaced with a nail nick.

The design elements from a high-end pen aesthetic and lubed ball bearings in the pivot to reduce friction remain. The IKBS deploys the satin-finished stainless steel blade smoothly which then softly clicks into place. It has a deep carry pocket clip attached to the Glass Reinforced Nylon handle.This is a design classic and offers a level of functionality that is unsurpassed at this price point.

CRKT Triple Play

A corkscrew, bottle opener and a pair of blades, the triple play is one of the most exciting multi-tools at this price point available. Designed by Philip Booth to be versatile wherever you choose to use it, it’s one of those essentials you’ll find yourself using more often than not and will become something you miss when it’s not there. Tough and durable with a wooden handle, this is one of the most useful multi-tools you’ll find.

Strong contenders(£50-£100):

Serious about collecting or stepping up your adventuring to the next level? It’s time to invest that bit more in your kit. These are some option to look into if you feel you need that extra edge to your pack.

CRKT Symmetry

A vivid, stylish knife, this is an option when you need something that works smoothly, but looks good while doing it. Opening from both sides, this is an every day carry (EDC) step up that also manages to stay sleek and captivating. The high carbon, stainless steel drop point blade is an efficient yet understated 2.7” that folds into the symmetrical stainless steel handle. Glass-reinforced nylon accents in the handle pair with an aesthetic blue backspacer and clip elevate the look. With the IKBS™ ball bearing pivot system, the blade deploys smoothly and is disengaged with a classic slip joint.


There’s nothing fishy about this knife, instead it takes inspiration from one of the strongest, most common sea creatures there is. The Tuna is built like a Bluefin. Based on natural shapes, the CRKT Tuna folding knife slices through packages and boxes faster than a fish cutting through the swell on a taut line.

Designed by Lucas Burnley, it was inspired by his newfound backyard in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. He designed the deep-belly drop point blade to be extremely versatile while mimicking the look of the powerful Bluefin tuna that roams the Atlantic. It’s met with a textured and strong grip handle with G10 on the front and stainless steel on the back that excels in adverse conditions. The handle is set off with a bronze anodized pivot ring and backspacer. Deployed with a thumb stud, the blade stays securely in place with a frame lock.

CRKT Hissatsu

Japanese in style and tactical in nature, this hard-working blade was conceived by James Williams, a former Army officer with more than 45 years of experience.

The unique shape of the blade, made famous by the legendary Samurai, Takeda Shingen, works with the natural motion of the body. This is an elegantly-styled knife for use in many environments.

This stainless steel blade follows Samurai tradition, by having an Oyatsubo, the emperor node on the omote (outside/public side) of the tuska (handle), allowing you to know which direction the blade is facing by touch, even in compromised lighting conditions.

Crkt Woods Chogan T-Hawk

Heading off-grid? You’ll need a faithful companion and this axe might just be your match. With a blade made of carbon steel with a hammer finish, it looks incredible too. Perfect for chopping firewood or creating a decent space in densely packed woods, this will be your port of call whenever there’s a need to fell or chop. A hammer head built into the single piece of steel is also perfect for pounding in nails or bashing down tent pegs. The hickory handle is also lacquered to offer superior durability. A true outdoorsman option.

For those demanding the best(£100+):

Want to be the best? You’d best go well-equipped with no compromise on quality. Here’s some of the most hard-working, yet close to perfect options there are.

CRKT Ramadi

From the mind of a retired Sergeant Major Darrin William Sirois, the CRKT Ramadi is a dependable knife that’s sure to have your back. Sleek and strong, this knife knows how to navigate every mission at hand.

Backed by enhanced protection in the form of black coating which improves corrosion resistance it offers unsurpassed control with friction grooves set inside for grip. This is a serious knife for those who are in the know.

CRKT Parascale

The ultimate in folding tech, this is a bushcraft knife through and through. Wrapped in paracord, this is also a truly unique style that’s never been seen before. The satin finish offers style and functionality in equal measure when you consider the deep belly and useful 8.1cm drop point. This knife can withstand huge weights and pressures thanks to a deadbolt system, meaning stainless steel bolts hold the blade in place once deployed, only yielding when that fat button is pressed down.

CRKT Otanashi Noh Ken

CRKT’s pro choice, favoured by special forces and law enforcement worldwide, this model from the mind of James Williams means business. Coming from a design demanded by SOCOM yet inspired by generations of Japanese nobles, this is a precision, performative knife that steps up in the most perilous and dangerous of situations and won’t let you down. This is a knife reserved for professionals.

Heinnie Haynes offers over ninety products from Columbia River Knife and Tool (CRKT). This includes multi-tools, hatchets, axes and a variety of knives. The above is just a small sample of the great products available. See our full range here CRKT.

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