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Essential Guide to Hunting Jackets: A British Perspective

Essential Guide to Hunting Jackets: A British Perspective

Posted by HH on 28th Mar 2024

When it comes to hunting, having the right gear can make all the difference between a successful outing and a frustrating one. Among the essentials, a high-quality hunting jacket stands out as a crucial piece of equipment. In this guide, we'll delve into the world of hunting jackets, exploring different styles, features and options available at Heinnie Haynes.

Understanding British hunting culture

Hunting has deep roots in British culture, with traditions dating back centuries. Whether it's stalking in the Scottish Highlands or pursuing game birds on the English moors, hunters in the UK face a variety of weather conditions and terrains. Of course, in these more enlightened times, many people gain enormous pleasure from capturing these same game birds on camera and these jackets are just as relevant. A reliable jacket is essential for staying comfortable and protected during long days in the field.

Exploring hunting jackets

We're the premium source for the hardest kit on the planet, stocking only trusted brands. Our hunting jackets cater to different needs. Once, tweed ruled hunting attire, but times have changed. Modern hunters have a variety of jacket options. Traditional designs couldn't handle harsh weather, but that's no longer the case.

Choosing the right hunting jacket

When selecting a hunting jacket, several factors should be considered, including the type of hunting you'll be doing, the prevailing weather conditions and personal preferences in terms of style and features. It's essential to invest in a jacket that offers the right balance of durability, functionality and comfort to suit your specific needs.

Here are some of our top picks:

Helikon-Tex SAS Smock

The whole smock is made of Duracanvas material, making it suitable for waxing which increases protection against light rain and snow. The simple cut of this versatile piece allows for easy adjustment in several places. You can also increase or decrease the ventilation under the jacket according to your preference.

This jacket has been designed to suit weather conditions across the seasons. With military roots, the SAS Smock works great as a hunting jacket - mostly due to the simple, well-thought-out cut and capacity.

On the outside, the jacket features four square pockets fastened with Canadian buttons. It is a tribute to the iconic British uniform jackets and their functionality. Under the upper pockets, there are two more, fastened with zippers on the side. They are best for carrying flat items. Under the lower pockets, identical solutions allow you to hide and warm your hands.

In each breast pocket, there is a special loop for attaching equipment, which protects it from loss. Hunting and bushcraft gloves can be attached to the paracord loops on both sides of the jacket.

Snugpak Torrent

The Snugpak Torrent jacket is built to battle everything nature has to throw at it while you’re out on a hunt. It’s insulated with exclusive Softie insulation and the taped seams make it fully waterproof.

It’s also equipped with a detachable insulated hood that can be rolled away or removed when not in use - ideal for when you need clear visibility to the left and right.

Deep hand pockets are perfect for storing your gloves and the thermal lining helps to keep your hands warm and comfortable. You will also find a deep hidden chest pocket inside the jacket perfect for your valuables.

The main jacket zip and pocket zips all use YKK weatherproof zips. It also features underarm ventilation zips with mesh covering, to allow you to vent and regulate your temperature.

Pentagon M65 2.0 Parka

Introducing the revamped Pentagon M65 2.0 Parka – a classic reborn with a modern twist. Made from 100% pre-washed cotton, it retains its iconic military and urban appeal. Available in Black or Ranger Green, it's both stylish and practical.

Featuring a YKK main zipper and extended storm flap, it offers durability and weather protection. With redesigned cargo pockets and adjustable waist and sleeve cuffs, it's customisable for your comfort. Inside, the TC lining and 90GSM padding keep you warm. Plus, the stowed hood on the collar adds extra protection when needed.

Upgrade your wardrobe with the Pentagon M65 2.0 Parka – blending timeless style with contemporary functionality.

Helikon-Tex Patriot Heavy Fleece Jacket

This heavy fleece jacket is made of superfine fleece that is designed to maintain body heat while wicking away body moisture - good for long days in the field.

It doesn’t peel or wear and it tolerates washing well. The jacket has six zipped pockets that are great for storing essential hunting gear or the occasional snack. The double-reinforced elbows are great for when you need to be low on the ground and prop yourself up with your elbow. A large adjustable hood helps to keep you warm and protected from the wind, and underarm zip vents make the jacket breathable for long-term comfort.

The high collar is designed to keep your neck warm when your hood isn’t in use. The bottom drawstring and adjustable cuffs help you keep windy chills at bay. The YKK zipper stops rain coming through the zip.

KÜHL Law Fleece Lined Hoody

Introducing the pinnacle of craftsmanship, the KÜHL Law Fleece Lined Hoody redefines rugged durability. Designed to withstand tough conditions, it features wax-covered canvas on high-wear areas for added strength and water repellency. The fleece lining ensures warmth precisely where needed, while zippered hand-warming pockets and a chest pocket offer practicality.

Say goodbye to chafing with its micro-suede interior zipper lining, and embrace comfort with KÜHL’s articulated sleeves. With knit draft walls at the hem and cuffs boasting signature thumb loops, heat retention is maximised. Crafted from durable stretch canvas, it's the ultimate choice for everyday work and wear.

TAD Talisman Black Jacket

Embark on your next expedition with the TAD Talisman, the quintessential country coat steeped in heritage and designed for the modern adventurer. Crafted from waxed cotton, a technology born from 19th century sailors, it boasts a breathable yet waterproof shell that ages gracefully, capturing the tales of your journeys with every mark and crease. The Talisman ensures durability and functionality with secure pockets, a stowable Ventile hood and a relaxed fit for unrestricted movement.

Whether traversing city streets or venturing off-road, this modern classic combines timeless style with contemporary features, making it a great companion.

The influence of military design on modern hunting apparel

Military gear is designed to withstand some pretty tough situations which makes military-inspired features perfect for modern hunting apparel. Think durability meets weather resistance.

Durability doesn't just mean surviving scrapes with branches or brambles but also ensuring zippers can handle mud and moisture without batting an eyelid (or rusting). Weather resistance? That means waterproof and windproof, because a chill can cut through anything less than the best protection.

Top brands crafting superior hunting jackets

In the world of hunting jackets, certain brands distinguish themselves through their dedication to excellence and forward-thinking. Triple Aught Design and Helikon-Tex, have set the standard in creating jackets that offer not just protection but also functionality tailored for the outdoorsman.

Triple Aught Design leads with military-grade precision in its designs. Their jackets are known for durability and adaptability under various environmental conditions.

Helikon-Tex skilfully mixes usefulness with contemporary tactical aesthetics, ensuring their gear thrives in both wild terrains and cityscapes.

Founded in 1991, Pentagon is a renowned maker of high-quality outdoor and military gear, famed for its use of advanced materials and designs suited for active lifestyles.

The importance of layering with hunting jackets

Understanding how to layer clothing is essential for hunters exploring the wild outdoors. The correct layers under your camouflage jacket can determine the success of your hunt and ensure a comfortable experience.

A lightweight base layer acts as your second skin, managing sweat and keeping you dry from within. This is crucial because - even in colder climates - physical exertion can lead to perspiration, which needs to be wicked away swiftly to avoid discomfort or even hypothermia.

To complement this, breathable tactical trousers or shorts offer additional comfort without compromising on stealth. It's all about balance: maintaining optimal body temperature while ensuring maximum mobility.

Caring for your hunting jacket

If you've chosen a waterproof hunting jacket, it's crucial to keep it waterproof, especially considering the unpredictable outdoor weather. Firstly, use a special cleaner instead of regular detergent when washing your jacket. This maintains its ability to breathe while staying resistant to water. After washing, apply a waterproofing treatment to restore its water-shedding effectiveness.

Drying is also important. Always follow the care label but, typically, tumble drying on low heat after washing can help revive the waterproof coating. Be cautious of excessive heat, as it can harm the fabric - so keep it gentle.

Storage matters too. Ensure your jacket is completely dry before storing it, and hang it up instead of folding to prevent creases where water might gather.

For more information on our hunting jackets which look just as great in your local pub as they do out in the field, call our friendly team of outdoor experts on 033 0300 0400.

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