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Enhancing Your Gear with Tactical Morale Patches

Enhancing Your Gear with Tactical Morale Patches

Posted by HH on 10th Nov 2023

Have you ever considered the power of a small patch on your backpack or jacket? No, not just any patch. We’re talking about morale patches. The little pieces of fabric that carry big meanings.

Imagine this. It's a crisp morning and you're out for an adventure with your trusty rucksack hitched onto your back. Your heart is thumping in sync with the crunching leaves underfoot. You've got everything packed, from survival gear to those trusty morale patches - each one carrying its own story and ready to be shared around the campfire.

We know what you're thinking... "Aren't they just decorative accessories?" But let us assure you - there’s much more than meets the eye here!

Let’s uncover the background of these items and delve into some of the most renowned labels available.

Understanding morale patches

Morale patches, as their name suggests, are all about boosting morale. They boast a rich history and hold significance in a wide range of contexts, spanning from military uniforms to backpacks and caps.

Patches can be made of different materials like PVC or fabric, often bearing unique designs that reflect the wearer's personality or beliefs. It's common to find everything from witty quotes to patriotic emblems on these patches.

Originally introduced within the military sphere for identification purposes, they've now become an expressive medium for soldiers and civilians alike. The beauty is in how they let you add your personal touch to any piece of gear – whether it’s your favourite jacket or tactical bag.

The origin story

The tradition dates back several centuries when knights used heraldic symbols on their armour during battles. This ancient practice has since evolved into what we know today as morale patches.

In recent years though, with brands bringing out modern takes on classic designs, morale patches have become particularly popular among outdoor enthusiasts who want to make their kit stand out from the crowd.

Different types of patches
  1. Fabric: These are traditional embroidered patches known for their intricate details and vibrant colours which don't fade over time.
  2. PVC: This type is waterproof, durable and maintains its shape well under extreme conditions making them ideal additions onto utility pouches such as magazine pouches found on chest rigs.
  3. Metal: Rare but not unheard of. Some people choose metal badges instead of typical cloth or PVC ones due to their premium feel and durability.
Where to use them

The versatility of morale patches is what makes them so popular. You can use them to personalise your kit, be it on military uniforms, backpacks and caps. They're also great for decorating base layers, chest rigs, magazine pouches or utility pouches.

Morale plays a pivotal role in any team or organisation, with people striving to maintain high morale as they work toward their goals. It significantly impacts productivity, collaboration and overall success.


Boost your morale and personalise your gear with tactical patches. These vibrant badges, rooted in military history, can be made from various materials like fabric or PVC. Whether it's a witty quote or a patriotic emblem you're after, there's a patch to match every personality. They're ideal for adding unique flair not just to uniforms but also backpacks or even base layers – offering endless possibilities for self-expression.

Morale patches are more than just pieces of fabric or PVC. They give your gear personality and make a statement about who you are. And, when it comes to these little expressions of identity, some brands stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Beaver Detail, renowned for their premium designs, provides a range of PVC morale patches, each featuring distinct designs associated with flags and regions like the Union Flag, Northern Ireland, Ireland, England, Welsh Dragon, and Scotland. These patches allow individuals to display their pride or affiliation with these specific regions or symbols.

Maxpedition, another well-known name in the field, creates durable morale patches with intricate details designed not only to be aesthetically pleasing but also to withstand harsh outdoor conditions.

Pohl Force: a blend of style and durability

If durability blended with style is what you need from your morale patch brand then look no further than Pohl Force. Known globally as one of the leading providers of tactical equipment including knives and flashlights, this company has extended its expertise into creating top-notch morale patches which are limited in their production runs, and hence highly collectable.

Tactical appeal with Helikon-Tex

For high-quality morale patch design, consider Helikon-Tex's collection. Their dedication to craftsmanship ensures superior durability, making your investment last longer. Plus, these products feature striking visuals that are perfect for making bold statements on backpacks, caps or any gear compatible with fastener hooks.


Personalise your gear with morale patches from leading brands like Beaver Detail, Maxpedition and Pohl Force. Each offers a unique style to express your identity, withstand harsh conditions or reinforce solidarity among teams. Consider Helikon-Tex for showcasing personal beliefs through design.

Materials used in making morale patches

Morale patches are a brilliant way to add personal flair to your kit, whether it's on backpacks, caps or military uniforms. Let's delve into what materials are used for crafting these nifty adornments.

PVC morale patches

The mainstay of many morale patches is PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride). This resilient, pliant synthetic plastic is renowned for its strength and suppleness, making it a great pick for items that must cope with harsh outdoor conditions or tough settings.

PVC morale patches often come with fastener hooks which let them attach easily onto loop emblems on gear bags, utility pouches or chest rigs. It's no surprise then that PVC has become such a popular material in this realm.

Fabric morale patches

Beyond PVC, fabric plays a significant role too. Fabrics like cotton twill and nylon offer softness alongside strength - ideal characteristics when aiming for comfort as well as resilience.

A notable benefit of fabric morale patches is their capacity for intricate designs through embroidery methods - be it showcasing everyday carry knife logos or proudly displaying the Union Jack patch on your load bearing equipment. Their versatility in design potential, coupled with their durability, gives them a significant advantage.

Silicone rubber morale patches

Lastly, it's worth mentioning silicone rubber as well. Silicone rubber offers a remarkable blend of high-temperature resistance and exceptional flexibility, making it an excellent choice for morale patches. This material seamlessly combines durability and design versatility into one cohesive package.


Whether you opt for PVC, cotton twill, nylon or silicone rubber morale patches, each material has its own strengths. PVC stands out with its resilience and flexibility. Fabric patches give the best of both worlds - softness combined with strength, making them perfect for intricate embroidery work. Meanwhile, silicone rubber takes it up a notch by offering resistance to high temperatures and excellent design adaptability.

The design and themes of morale patches

Morale patches are more than just decorative pieces. They tell a story, showcase personality or even convey shared values in a group. As we look into their design and themes, let's remember that these aren't your typical fashion accessories.

Everyday carry (EDC) knife logos

Knife logos on morale patches may seem odd to the uninitiated but they make perfect sense for those who understand everyday carry culture. These designs pay homage to essential tools like Schrade Knives - sturdy companions during outdoor adventures.

Their inclusion is an acknowledgement of how vital such gear can be when you're far from civilisation. The emblem serves as both a tribute to quality craftsmanship and recognition among peers about one’s preparedness level.

Flag designs

National pride often finds its way onto morale patches too with flag designs being popular choices - not surprising considering many wearers have served their country in some capacity.

A common sight would be the Union Jack which symbolises unity among diversity - much like how diverse experiences shape us yet bring us together under shared interests or professions. Flags offer an immediate connection between patch bearers regardless of where they might meet: at an airsoft game, camping site or tactical training event.

How to attach morale patches

If you're a fan of tactical morale patches then it's important to know how to properly attach them. This process involves the use of hook and loop fasteners (often referred to as Velcro).

These versatile fasteners allow for easy application and removal, making your patches easily interchangeable depending on your mood or mission.

Selecting your patch location

The first step is deciding where you want your patch. Morale patches can be placed anywhere from backpacks, caps, utility pouches, chest rigs, even plate carriers. Just make sure there’s enough space and that the surface material will work well with a hook fastener backing.

You'll need clean surfaces so get rid of any lint or dust before starting. The cleaner the area is before attaching your patch - round or otherwise - the better adhesion you’ll achieve.

Attaching hook backed patches

Your next move depends on whether you’re working with pre-prepared gear designed for morale patches (such as tactical apparel) or not. Many modern military uniforms and gear bags come equipped with built-in loop panels specifically designed for these types of badges which makes things simpler – just press in place.

If not, don't worry. You still have options. You can choose to sew a loop panel yourself if you're feeling crafty, or you can opt for self-adhesive panels available online. These panels adhere easily to flat surfaces without requiring anything more than a quick wipe-down with an olive drab cloth beforehand. Keep in mind that once you've applied them, it's best to wait for 24 hours before subjecting them to heavy usage such as adding or removing weight plates multiple times, as this could weaken their grip prematurely.

Using morale patches for personal style

It's simple to become indistinguishable among the plethora of clothing, paraphernalia and extras that are accessible. But who wants that? Enter morale patches - an easy way to stand out from the masses.

Morale patches are more than just decorative pieces; they're statements. They narrate an account of you, your beliefs or even your comical inclination without having to speak a single word. And because they can be attached and removed with ease thanks to their hook fasteners, changing up your style is as simple as swapping out one patch for another.

The art of self-expression with morale patches

We all know that first impressions count. A glance at someone’s attire often gives us clues about their personality before we’ve even spoken to them. With morale patches on jackets or bags like those found at Heinnie Haynes (we've got loads), this first impression gets amplified tenfold.

Let's say you have an everyday carry (EDC) knife logo patch affixed proudly on your backpack or cap – people will instantly know you’re passionate about outdoor adventures or perhaps tactical equipment like plate carriers and utility pouches.

Add character to your gear, bags and clothing

Pin a Union Jack morale badge on the side zip pocket of your safety boots to display your British heritage proudly. Alternatively, opt for a humorous badge to showcase your quirky side. These small emblems provide endless opportunities for personalising a wide range of items, from weight plates and chest rigs to women's bags.

Where to buy morale patches

If you're on the hunt for morale patches, you might be asking yourself where can I get these colourful emblems? The answer is right here at Heinnie Haynes. We provide a broad selection of garments, apparatus and extras to make your outfit more individual.

We pride ourselves in offering a variety of morale patches from trusted brands like Maxpedition, Helikon-Tex and Triple Aught Designs. These patches aren't just bits of fabric or PVC; they are statements about who you are.

Caring for your morale patches

Taking care of your morale patches is key to keeping them looking sharp. So how do we go about this?

The basics: cleaning and storage

To start with the basics, cleaning your patches should be done gently to avoid damaging the design or emblem. A soft brush can help remove any dust without causing harm.

For tougher stains on PVC morale patches, lukewarm water mixed with mild soap works wonders. Gently rub the stain using a soft cloth until it's gone but remember not to scrub too hard.

In terms of storage, keep your morale patches in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight as excessive heat may cause colours to fade over time.

Maintaining hook fasteners and appliqués

Morale patches often feature hook fasteners for convenient attachment to your kit. However, these hooks require proper care as well. To restore them to a pristine condition, all you need is an old toothbrush – a simple yet effective solution. If your patches have appliqué fastener hook styles, no need to fret. You can follow similar cleaning steps but be more cautious when brushing to avoid accidentally loosening any stitching.

Taking care of embroidered morale patches

Embroidered morale patches are delicate creatures which require extra gentle handling compared to their PVC counterparts. If they get dirty then first try shaking off loose dirt before moving onto the soft brush technique. If the shaking and brushing doesn't do the job, mix a bit of mild soap with lukewarm water to get it sparkling clean.

Once cleaned, lay your embroidered patches flat to dry out completely before storing them away in your collection or reattaching onto your gear. You wouldn’t want any nasty mould growth due to damp storage conditions.

FAQs in relation to morale patches

What is the purpose of a morale patch?

Morale patches are used to express individuality, display humour or show loyalty. They can signify membership in a group and help build camaraderie.

Are morale patches allowed?

In many settings like military units or outdoor groups, yes. But it depends on the specific rules of each organisation whether they permit them.

Can civilians wear morale patches?

Absolutely. Civilians often use morale patches for personal style, to show support for certain causes or just because they find them fun.

Where are morale patches worn?

Morale patches can be attached anywhere you fancy - jackets, tops and bags being common spots. Military personnel might place them on their uniforms too.

So, there you have it - a whirlwind tour through the captivating world of morale patches. Their history is rich and varied, with their significance extending far beyond simple decoration.

From being crafted by top-notch brands to adorning military uniforms and backpacks alike, these little symbols stand out. Not only do they express personality but also tell tales of camaraderie and shared experiences.

Whether you're into survival expeditions or simply enjoy personalising your gear, remember that each patch tells a story. And now that we've covered everything from materials used in making them to how to attach them properly... well, you're all set!

Personalise Your Gear With Our Morale Patches

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