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Survival Kit Essentials For 2023

Survival Kit Essentials For 2023

Posted by HH on 30th Jan 2023

Could 2023 be the year you start gearing up seriously? Is your current kit up to scratch? If not, then perhaps some serious inspiration is needed. Take a look at some of the items we consider essential below, this might be your year to stock up seriously.

Pack your bag

Looking for a decent backpack? Then could it be time to don your Tad Fast Pack EDC Gen 4 Multicam Black Backpack? We recommend this one due to its modular adaptability that combines mountaineering ergonomics with the best military design.

This backpack has integrated storage solutions and its PALS webbing and internal anchor points allow you to reconfigure the backpack to your exact requirements. Made with MIL-SPEC Invista Cordura fabric that’s nearly impossible to tear.

Once you’ve chosen the backpack that is right for you, it’s time to fill it with all the survival kit essentials you’ll need for your exciting escapades.

Knives out

The Nextool Flagship Mini is small and extremely convenient, with a quality non-locking blade. The blade is under three inches long making it a UK-friendly carry. It also includes a can opener, bottle opener, pocket scissors, Phillips and flat screwdriver, a wire cutter, nail file, gripper, and needle nose pliers. The ideal tool for when you’re out in the urban jungle.

Avoid the glare

Whether you’re looking to protect your eyes from the low winter sun, or the hot summer rays, it’s always important to keep a pair of sunglasses close by. These Oakley Latch Matte Black Prizm Grey Lens Sunglasses are practical and stylish.

The design is inspired by influential athletes; in the shape of a classic keyhole bridge. They have been engineered for convenience, allowing you to easily clip them to clothing They’re also lightweight and come with the option of Prizm, Polarised, Iridium, or prescription lens options.

Light it up

If you’re going to be exploring in the evening or end up in a dark spot, a torch is an essential. The hard-wearing, waterproof Nextorch E51C Rechargeable Pocket Flashlight is an affordable torch, emitting 1,600 lumens for under £75. It features four modes for different scenarios, high, medium, low, and strobe. It also has a USBC quick charging point and a beam distance of 205 metres.

Just in time

Many people rely on their phones to tell them the time, but if your phone runs out of charge on a long walk, or it’s at the bottom of your bag as you climb a mountain, a watch won’t let you down.

Prepare to run out of superlatives when it comes to describing this trailblazer, the Elliot Brown Holton Professional 101-002-R04 is contemporary in style, but very durable. The premium olive green strap is made from high-quality rubber which is perfect for sport, outdoors, and is even impervious to water.

Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is of utmost importance whether you’re navigating the daily commute or abseiling down rocky terrain.

When out and about adventuring it can be difficult to carry around a bulky water bottle and inconvenient to store it once it’s empty. The Matador Packable Hydration Reservoir is lightweight, easy to store in your backpack, easy to access hands free when needed, and can hold up to two litres of water to keep you hydrated all day long.

Be Safe

We don't recommend going on an adventure without a well-stocked first aid kit. Make sure you have tweezers, sterile bandages, professional scissors, and a tick remover for when you’re in the wild. Our  first aid page has a range of quality items you’ll want to ensure are in your backpack.

Stay Powered

Making sure your phone is charged is important so you can get into contact with emergency services and family if needed. The Nitecore NPB2 Power Bank can give a mobile up to two charges or a headlamp up to four charges. It’s also compact and easy to transport.

A Good Book

The  Ultimate Prepper's Handbook will teach you skills on starting a food pantry, emergency first-aid, dealing with disasters, survival shelters, foraging, and so much more. Whilst it may not be a must-have survival kit item, the skills you could learn from this book could help you in a survival situation.

Navigating the wilderness

We stock a variety of navigation essentials for your adventures from glow tape, to pocket compasses. Our waterproof map case helps to protect maps from moisture, dirt, and UV light, no-matter your adventure.

For more information and ideas check out our packed survival category that includes water purification devices, fire starter kits, insect protection, rescue aids and so much more.

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