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Brand Of The Month: CRKT Knives

Brand Of The Month: CRKT Knives

20th Jul 2021

CRKT is one of the world leaders when it comes to superior knife and tool manufacturing.

Unlike no other, CRKT routinely works in collaboration with world leading, industry designers and makers to create their renowned knife and tool products.

As the UK’s biggest retailer of this brand we have decided to dedicate July to the fantastic brand that is Columbia River Knife and Tool.

The Story Of CRKT

Born in Oregon, CRKT began in 1994 by founders Paul Gillespi and Rod Bremer, whose primary focus since the very beginning has been to offer “distinction in design, selection, and quality”, and it is safe to say that they have achieved this, and even more over the past 25 years.

When the company was born, they wanted to dominate like no other, as they focused on the innovation they could bring to the industry and how they could not only provide superior products, but items that help inspire and endure knife collectors and enthusiasts.

Alongside other renowned industry brands, CRKT offer superior style with each of their products, but by working with individual master knife designers, they are able to uniquely offer their own “technological advancements, making them a world leading brand for anyone from adventurers to tactical mission operators

However, this story was not all plain sailing, it is said that the company took around three years to fully take off. Their reason for success stemmed from their first fully successful knife release, K.I.S.S (Keep It Super Simple) that innovated the industry in 1997.

Fast forward to the present day, Rod Bremer remains the company's president and sales executive, alongside their company finance executive, Peggy Bremer.

Areas of Expertise

As we have discovered, CRKT are renowned for their knife creations, but now they offer even more to knife enthusiasts.

Since their successes fully began over 23 years ago, they have worked alongside designers to offer the very best in terms of style and ergonomics.

During their timeline of success, we have seen the release of multi-tools, pens, axes and outdoor accessories which have hit their product line to cater for outdoor, bushcraft, camping, urban environments and even survival.

As CRKT continue with the release of new products that dominate the industry, they have not ignored the power of quality. It is safe to say with each release CRKT brings, they continue to further develop their technical knowledge and experience which is reflected in their products.

Top 3 Picks

As decided by our fantastic customers, our top three picks include next-level knives that are incredibly popular with UK knife customers.

CRKT Pilar Heinnie Haynes® UK Edition

Firstly, it is incredibly flattering (really, it is) that our top CRKT product at Heinnie® is one that was based on an existing CRKT design, but has been given a unique Heinnie® twist. We are amazingly proud that we had the opportunity to tweak the Pilar design to create a non-locking, UK-friendly version of the Pilar, with our trademark red G10 scales.

This UK friendly carry knife was our 2020 product of the year, and this is why -

  • This knife is uniquely non-locking, which makes this knife UK-friendly-carry.
  • Offers the ideal size for both work and play, so you are not limited to just everyday carry use, but for adventure expeditions also.
  • Builds on Voxnaes’ exceptional design.
  • Is one hand opening.

The price, reviews and design speak for themselves. This is a creation we will always be proud to showcase.

CRKT CEO Heinnie Haynes® Edition

Slightly embarrassing, but we are all feeling extremely flattered today. This is definitely news for the annual report.

We’ve long been a fan of Richard Rogers’ designs, having been fortunate enough to handle some of his custom made pieces..

When Richard designed the CEO for CRKT, we could see at once that this would work as a UK-friendly non-locking folder. We whispered in CRKT’s ear, and as if by magic, the stock, locking CEO was transformed into this UK-friendly version - the CRKT CEO Heinnie Haynes® edition.

The inspiration behind the design was to offer a high end pen aesthetic and include a lubed ball bearing in the pivot to reduce overall friction. This knife also offers satin finished stainless steel and a glass reinforced nylon handle. It really is a thing of beauty.

CRKT Symmetry

Looking for a knife that is not only your everyday carry, but your anywhere carry?

The ambidextirous CRKT Symmetry folding knife showcases a classic design slip joint, low profile design and colour enhanced detailing.

Together with Jesper Voxnaes, Richard Rogers is one of CRKT’s go-to designers for pieces which work particularly well in the UK market. It is extremely rare to find Richard Rogers without a pocket knife, so he created this carry folding knife to not only be a trusted knife, but a highly reliable companion that he could take alongside him on all of his travels.

Showcasing an aesthetic design, enhanced ergonomics and high carbon stainless steel. This is a fantastic choice for any knife connoisseur that is looking for both a reliable and smart folding knife option.


Not only is CRKT a company that showcases superior quality, but offers incredible dedication too. For nearly three years the company’s full potential was untapped, but with the dedication and patience of Gillespie and Rogers, CRKT has made its name as one of the cornerstones of the world production knife market.

Here at Heinnie Haynes®, we are proud to not only be the UK’s largest stockist of CRKT, but to have worked side by side with our friends at CRKT to deliver amazing products for UK enthusiasts, a dream that really came true for our company.

We are excited for the continued success of CRKT and for our ongoing collaborations with them to deliver fantastic products for you all.