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Your Guide To Summer Travel

Your Guide To Summer Travel

Posted by HH on 22nd Jul 2022

It’s that time of year that tends to inspire many to get away from it all. Whether that’s a trip abroad, a stomp into the countryside or something more relaxing, it’s good to escape for a while.

When travelling it’s a good opportunity to look at your kit and see what options are available when it comes to the more practical side of adventuring.

Here, we’re going to talk about how you can be travel-ready and still be able to have a survival kit that is useful and will be something you can rely on.

What you essentially need is a review of your current kit and to be able to pack a travel-ready or pared-down version to be able to transport it safely and not run into any issues. Having a smaller, more practical or ‘edited’ version of your usual kit shouldn’t stop you from setting out on adventures and challenging yourself to new extremes.

Bag it - What Should I Carry My Kit In?

It’s no mean feat to pack your kit into one, compact bag that you can comfortably carry and travel with. However, it’s not impossible. If you’re heading out on a full expedition, there’s sometimes no option but to go the whole hog and get a full size backpack with all the accoutrements that you could possibly need. However, when you’re in a bind then there are options that you’ll be able to either sling together in a hurry or carry comfortably on public transport or in the air.

Here are a few options:

Maxpedition Imperial Loadout Duffel

This is an option for when space is not at a premium and you can take more than your fair share of kit. With a strong -5cm shoulder strap, this option offers ample room when it comes to cramming your kit in. 78 litres of room should be more than enough to house what you need. Featuring tons of space, combined with compartments and secure ways to store your kit, this is an option for taking not only your travel essentials, but some sizable gear too. Reinforced and with durable, tough straps it’s something of a workhorse bag. If storage room or weight limits aren’t an issue then this might be your perfect travel case option.

Matador Flatpak Zipper Toiletry Case

We all rely on our essentials and even when out and roughing it you still need to prioritise at least a small standard of hygiene. Your travelling companions demand it! Having a water-resistant case like this is perfect. This is especially true if you’re worried about capacity, contamination and other hazards that could come your way. The ingenious thing about this particular case is the waterproof material actually lets water evaporate, so items inside that retain any moisture are actually protected as any droplets simply dry of their own accord. Toothbrushes and razors for example would harbour bacteria normally. With this case, they remain dry as a bone. The storage bag’s baffled design also means you can flex it to fit in more tightly-packed luggage.

Marbles survival box

For those delicate items more prone to damage items in your luggage, there are a few options that will get you through. You can either hope and pray that your more valuable items get stowed somewhere safe and come back in one piece, or you can invest in something that will guarantee that. Bright and easy to locate, it comes complete with a foam insert and a hard, shell-like case to protect valuables. This is a perfect addition to any kit bag.

Maxpedition AGR Compact Admin Pouch

Need something flexible? This might be your ideal pouch. Storage wise, we’re talking compact enough to fit essentials, but a way to also pack in more when you need to. Featuring elasticated pockets and sections, this is a perfect way to add to your capacity without having to lug about a large or overly-sized bag. Perfect for short jaunts or for extra capacity for longer trips away, this combines simple military style with function and form. You will struggle to find a better waist bag for the price.

Tad Edition Hydrapak Impact Reservoir

Need hydration in big gulps and intend to remain hydrated? Try this reservoir on for size. Created to keep you on the move, this is an absolute essential. If you’re planning on being in countries where the weather will be particularly arid or supply it patchy, water is a real concern. Empty, this will fit in any general luggage or survival pack, but also slots in nicely to most lightweight setups. If you’re planning on covering miles upon miles, this is the no-fuss solution for keeping your energy up. This particular hydration device gives you flexibility too, with several capacity sizes depending on the amount of water you need and how much space is available in your carry.

Packing the essentials

There’s certain aspects of your kit you’ll want to either make sure you have or take along a condensed, packed down version. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind when weighing up your options:

Esee Izula Gear Wallet

There’s nothing worse than being in a survival bind and finding you don’t have something that you usually carry around with you every day. Thankfully this option means you can still cram the must-haves into your kit but at a fraction of the space. This incredible TARDIS-style wallet contains the following kit:

  • Cordura Tri-Fold Wallet Style Container
  • Floss Card With E&E Tips Printed On The Card
  • Mini Ceramic Blade
  • Kevlar Cordage
  • Signal Mirror
  • Non-Metallic Handcuff Key
  • E&E Plastic Instruction Cards
  • Clear Plastic Survival Nav Card
  • Ferro / Magnesium Rod
  • ESEE AH-1 Arrowhead
  • Fish Hooks
  • Button Compass
  • Rare Earth Cylindrical Magnets

If there’s a situation that occurs that this wallet can’t help you with, it’s either a once in a lifetime event or you need to use your imagination!

Sharpal 6-In-1 Sharpener Whistle Fire Striker

Survival is no joke. If you find yourself with a blunt knife or tool in a desperate situation, having a pocket-sized tool like this might be the best way to see yourself through. Featuring several sharpeners, this could mean the difference between making it back to civilization and not. Also featuring a fire lighter and an emergency whistle, this is certainly something you want in reach should the need arise.

Real Steel Heinnie® Windmill

We had to include a compact knife and what could be better than something from our Real Steel Heinnie® collaboration range? Made to celebrate Heinnie Haynes' 25th birthday in 2021, they are all UK legal carry, having a non-locking blade under three inches long.

Also featuring a sturdy pair of scissors, these are intended for practical use, while also looking fantastic at the same time. Sometimes all you need for a short mission is a blade, so you might as well make it a stylish one at a superb price.