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Your Guide To Brisa & Enzo Knives

Your Guide To Brisa & Enzo Knives

Posted by HH on 5th Apr 2023

Brisa Knives was founded in 1996 in Jakobstad, Finland. The company initially focused on producing high-quality knife-making materials and supplies, including blade blanks, handle materials, and sheaths. Brisa Knives gained popularity among knife enthusiasts for their dedication to quality and attention to detail.

Enzo Knives, on the other hand, started as a sub-brand of Brisa Knives. The name "Enzo" was derived from the Finnish word "Enso," which means "circle." The brand was created to address the need for finished knives that showcase the quality materials and craftsmanship Brisa Knives was already known for.

Enzo Knives gained recognition for their line of well-designed and functional knives, including the popular Enzo Trapper, Enzo Necker, and Enzo Birk models. The brand emphasised the use of high-quality materials, such as D2, O1, and N690 steels, as well as premium handle materials like curly birch, G10, and Micarta.

In summary, Brisa Knives and Enzo Knives are interconnected Finnish knife brands that originated from the same company. While Brisa Knives initially focused on knife-making materials, Enzo Knives emerged as a sub-brand to provide finished knives. Over time, the two brands have become more integrated, with both operating under the Brisa company and sharing a dedication to quality and craftsmanship.

Looking for your next knife? Take a look at our recommendations here:

Enzo Birk 75 S30v G10 Flat Ground

The Enzo Birk 75 comes with an attractive, sleek flat ground CPM-S30V drop point blade. Catering to the ambidextrous; the blade features thumb studs for left or right hand opening.

The rigid handle scales have been made from black G10 overlaying stainless steel liners. One of which engages with the tang to create a secure lock. Truly a utility knife and one that looks good too.

Enzo Birk

The ancient Finnish knife making tradition runs deep. This rich heritage has been packed into this exceptional and unbelievably sharp knife. The Enzo Birk has a superbly crisp, sharp blade edge which is available with a flat grind. The carbon fibre handle finishes off what could be considered one of the most typically Scandi knives that we sell.

Enzo Necker 70 Scandi Micarta

The Enzo Necker is a beautifully-sized neck knife. Perfect for wearing round the neck, but not so insignificant that it can’t deal with decent sized jobs. The blade is Swedish 12C27 stainless steel with a traditional "Scandi" grind and full tang construction.

The micarta handle has a smooth, irritation free finish that truly feels natural.

Enzo Necker 70 Scandi Micarta

Ever fancied creating your own custom knife handle? Well here’s a perfect start for any budding craftsmen out there. The same blade and full tang needed to recreate the aforementioned Necker model. This is a fascinating way to truly understand the creation of a unique piece and gives knife enthusiasts the chance to get hands on with the medium they love.

Brisa Nessmuk 125 Curly Birch

Brisa developed the distinctive Nessmuk knife to inherit the features from the original George Washington Sears blade. However, this version gives it a refreshed and unique look. A pleasure to use, it’s at home whether you are dressing game, chopping wood or even slicing up tomatoes for a salad.

Brisa Bobtail 80 Flat Micarta Kydex

A perfect tool to have in your kit, this knife has a compact fixed blade designed to be kept by your side at all times and perform those everyday tasks that a larger blade would struggle with.

This version is particularly well suited to food prep with Bison micarta handle scales. With a full tang, this is a strong, reliable choice for anyone looking for a workhorse blade. Customizable for carry, this comes with a brass ring so that you can choose your own lanyard.

Brisa Trapper 95 Flat N690 Curly Birch Leather

The Brisa Trapper 95 is a typical example of a bushcraft knife that is perfectly balanced for all manner of outdoor tasks from rapid food prep to fire lighting.

This version has a flat grind with subtle red liners. It extends the length of the knife in a full tang form giving extraordinary strength. A beautiful, patterned handle makes this a stylish choice too.

Craft your own

Brisa are famous for their knifemaking components and we stock a range of these to get you started into what can really be a very rewarding pastime. Check out the products below if you’ve ever fancied yourself as a skilled artisan knifesmith. Even if you haven’t but you’ve always had a longing to craft your own unique knives then you’ll certainly find some fantastic options at Heinnie Haynes.

Brisa Nessmuk 125 Kit Santos

Embarking on a knife building project is no mean feat, so best to start with a brand that know their stuff and can provide the basics before you even put your hand to the tool. The Brisa Nessmuk 125 Kit includes everything you need to craft your very own outdoor knife. This all-encompassing set includes a pre-sharpened blade, Santos wood handle scales, red liners, brass Corby rivets and a leather belt sheath. All that remains for you to do is assemble, polish and enjoy. The perfect start to a lifelong interest,we’re sure you will agree.

Brisa G10 Spacer Sheets

To make a truly amazing knife, you’ll need the best component available. These Brisa G10 sheets are perfect to make the spacer between the scale and the tang of your knife stylish and unique. Available in red, yellow or black, it offers that increased level of customisation to even the most intricate parts of your custom project.

Brisa Wood Blocks

When working with metal and creating your custom knife, you’ll need to fashion scales you can rely on to take impact, providing a tough yet comfortable surface for your hand that is built to last. Brisa Wood Blocks are cut from premium grade wood to craft your knife handle with confidence. There are seven to choose from each one varying slightly in size but with enough dimension to make a generously sized handle. Don’t go into this artisan discipline without one.

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