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What Might Make the Best Selling Knives of 2024 List?

What Might Make the Best Selling Knives of 2024 List?

Posted by HH on 28th Feb 2024

Now this is some collection! Heinnie Haynes presents what could well be some of the best selling knives of 2024 - this is our prediction for what will be a selection of super popular, sought-after, top-tier knives in the year ahead.

With such a vast range of excellent knives, predicting a 2024 knife best sellers list is no easy task. With our knife industry contacts, and our ears to the ground, we can see the knives that are making waves. Some have incredible steels, some have outstanding design, but they’re all excellent tools which are already being made pride of place in the collections of Heinnie® customers around the UK and the world.Which knife will you add to your collection next? Have a look at the following selection of knives which make the grade. Do you already have any in your collection? Would there be space for the rest of them?

RoseCraft Blades Loosahatchie Jack Folding Knife

RoseCraft Blades was a really popular new brand in 2023, and this model has flown out so far! Classic design, UK friendly folder and superb quality for the money. The overall quality of this knife is off-the-chart awesome! The blade snaps open and shut with a reassuring crispness - evidence of its exceptional build.

Real Steel Solis Lite Heinnie® Exclusive Folding Knife

What a cracking knife this is! UK legal and a lovely design at a great price! Also available as Real Steel Solis Lite Red and Black Heinnie® Exclusive Folding Knife. An interesting twist on the ever-popular Real Steel Solis, stock is limited and this edition won’t be around for long. With a Heinnie® red G10 handle and D2 carbon steel 7.4cm non-locking blade, this lightweight ultra sharp pocket tool is UK friendly carry, perfect for your everyday carry (EDC) rotation.

Spyderco UK Penknife Lightweight Dark Blue CPM SPY27 Folding Knife

The Spyderco UK penknife continues to be a really popular model across the UK and the world! This version wields Spyderco’s superb SPY27 steel. SPY27 steel stands out for its balanced performance, offering a combination of edge retention, corrosion resistance, toughness, and ease of sharpening that makes it suitable for a wide range of knife applications. Combined with its UK friendly carry ability, the Specialist steel and UK legal Spyderco UK Penknife has a huge fanbase of pocket knife enthusiasts worldwide. This original SLIPIT model combines one-hand opening via the Spyderco Trademark Round Hole with the convenience and accessibility of clip carry. The blade is complemented by FRN handle scales moulded in a distinctive cobalt blue.

Boker Plus Heinnie® Tech Tool 1 Shred Carbon Red Folding Knife

If you’re after a great-looking yet simple EDC companion, we’ve got it! Marvel at this Heinnie ® exclusive version of the long-term Boker favourite folding knife. It has a beautiful carbon red handle, excels at cutting, includes a pocket clip for easy access, and has a glass breaker at one end. No lock and under three inches long, it’s UK friendly carry.

QSP Penguin Slip Joint Folding Knife

One of the most popular knives of recent times, this powerfully-built knife is truly a sophisticated and reliable addition to your collection. UK friendly carry, it’s a must-have everyday carry (EDC) knife. The G10 handle has an attractive red liner on the black option, and black liner on the white version. Exceptional manufacturing, very sturdy back spine, with colour options to suit all aesthetics, every knife enthusiast should have this inside their EDC kit.


The Scandinoff fixed blades are unique and draw on the Scandinavian influence with their Seax blade shape - a style which has been tested for thousands of years at work and in everyday life. The Scandinoff Valknut blade is made of quality Swedish Sleipner steel and is hardened to 59-61 HRC which gives this knife the ability to act as a chopping tool. The New Age Runes variant has a resin handle embossed with a rune motif, while the Nordic Sky variant has a stabilised Finnish blue curly birch handle. The Scandinoff Nordic Protector 130 (with a 14C28N Sandvik stainless steel blade featuring a ‘flat and groove’ grind) also has exceptional manufacture and traditional distinctive styling - a shoo-in for your outdoor kit or collection.

lionSTEEL Barlow

Just landed! UK legal and multiple varieties available, this is not the cheapest option but the materials are excellent and it’s Italian made. The lionSTEEL CollectorKnives series of Barlow knives seamlessly combine tradition with modern technology and manufacturing expertise, creating a knife of exceptional quality.

Twisted Assisted Junzi

ecently arrived! UK legal. Multiple varieties and options, and a great price. This is one of the finest UK friendly carry knives we stock. Manufactured by Bestech in partnership with UK EDC specialists Twisted Assisted, Junzi is a Chinese philosophical term often translated as ‘gentleman’ or ‘superior person’, also employed by Confucius in his works to describe the ideal man.Take a look at the following collectable, practical and unique options for your everyday carry (EDC) gear: Twisted Assisted Junzi Folding Knife, Twisted Assisted Junzi Black DLC Folding Knife and Twisted Assisted Junzi Stonewashed Folding Knife.

Toor Field Knife

Now, this is superb! Superb craftsmanship and superb materials and made on the West coast of America by Toor Knives that were established by a US Forces veteran. Available in three sizes. The Toor Field 1.0 Fixed Blade was born from a desire to create a backpack knife that could tackle any heavy blade task. The Toor Field 2.0 Fixed Blade has become known as the workhorse of their outdoor series, while the Toor Field 3.0 Fixed Blade is slightly smaller but capable of carrying the workload of its larger brethren. Every Toor Field knife includes a genuine Hermann Oak saddle leather sheath (you’ll need a Tek-Lok or similar, available at Heinnie Haynes, if you want to attach the sheath to your belt).

American Service Knife (ASK)

Launched in the UK in 2023, ASK is a range of modular American-made Swiss Army Knives with stacks of options. It’s an overbuilt, ‘build your own’ knife. ASK is the sister brand to Medford and is known for producing versatile and durable knives, respected by outdoor enthusiasts and used by deployed personnel. ASK are high quality knives with the current super-steel Magnacut. You’ll see that their attention-to-detail will really stand the test of time. Take a look at their folding knife options and immerse yourself in the ability to design, build and modify your own knife.

Midgards-Messer Ylvi Folding Knife

Looking for something Nordic-inspired? The super popular Midgards-Messer Ylvi folder is gathering a real following! Even slender, streamlined designs have a powerful, hefty presence when Midgards-Messer makes them. The Ylvi is their slimmest design yet and has a seriously solid construction. A removable pocket clip is attached, taking the handle thickness to 1.78cm. A lanyard hole goes right through so you can make the knife your own with a lanyard of your choice. Designer Dirk Hofmeister is developing a real following with his stunning designs and has already collaborated with some of the world’s biggest knife brands. The Ylvi provides an opportunity to own what is sure to be a modern classic.

Benchmade Weekender

A ‘super-sized’ US brand, this Benchmade 317BK Weekender Micarta Folding Knife is a UK friendly carry classic camp penknife, with premium materials and a great look. An urban-friendly, campsite-ready jack of all trades! The awesome Benchmade 317 Weekender - Benchmade’s take on a traditional slip-joint multi-blade pocket knife - has taken a step in uncharted, gorgeous territory with a burgundy Micarta handle. With a clip-point main blade, a smaller utility drop-point blade and a folding bottle opener, it has what you need for camp chores, whittling wood, preparing the day’s catch and a cold one by the fire.

That completes our showcase of which knives we think could well be some of 2024’s best-selling knives. What a line-up of craftsmanship, innovation and functionality!

Whether you’re attracted to sleek lines or tactical precision, there’s a knife for every knife enthusiast, user and collector. As craftsmanship advances and designers push the boundaries of what’s possible, we continue to expand and offer exciting options that cater to all preferences.

For more information on any of our knives, please contact a member of our friendly, expert team on 033 0300 0400.

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