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Trek your way into Spring

Trek your way into Spring

Posted by HH on 28th Mar 2023

The first day of Spring is fast approaching. There is something about the start of a new season, especially one that promises longer days and sunshine that puts us in a good mood.

Spring is the perfect season to dust off your gear and get out in the fresh air. The ideal temperature to get stuck into a trek outdoors and immerse yourself in nature.

At Heinnie Haynes we’re the premium source for the hardest kit on the planet, meaning we have everything you need for a successful exploration. We’ve come up with five useful outdoor tips along with five of our must-have products to ensure you’re set for Spring and the year ahead.

Adventuring Tips

  • Stay hydrated, depending on the length of trip you’ve set yourself, extreme distances and terrain can be intensive. Make sure your performance isn’t affected by dehydration by drinking plenty of water or high-energy sports drinks. Make sure you have enough and conserve your supply to ensure you don’t end up with a shortage on your return trip.
  • Pick a lightweight quality backpack that will keep backache at bay. Also try and ensure you take the right amount of kit, there’s nothing worse than setting up camp or shelter and finding that you have missed a vital ingredient for survival. Have a checklist and packdown arranged before you set off so that you can also move on quickly and efficiently if the tide turns and you need to escape changing conditions.
  • Map out your plan and research your route well. Taking a wrong turn can add unexpected miles onto an expedition that you may not have prepared for.
  • Pack a torch. A torch is great for navigating if you don’t manage to make it home before sundown or you need to pitch your shelter in the dark. They’re also helpful in foggy situations high up in the mountains.
  • If we’re focusing on adventuring in warmer climes, don’t forget your sunglasses. Being blinded by the sun as you’re trying to take in your surroundings and appreciate your environment can definitely zap the enjoyment out of it pretty quickly.

Wilderness Must Haves

As we stated in our tips, having a high-quality backpack is paramount to a comfortable walk. Low-quality backpacks will leave you with back and hip pain that will have you giving up on your adventuring goals.

The  Snugpack Xocet35 Backpack isa heavy-duty bag with a 35-litre capacity meaning you don’t have to choose between your first-aid kit and those all-important rations or supplies.

The ventilated padded shoulder straps and back with airflow channel is designed with comfort in mind. Adjustable side compression straps allow you to create more space as your adventuring paraphernalia grows.

The internal plastic carabiner is ideal to attach keys or torches to so they can easily be accessed without searching through your main compartment. This bag is an affordable option, with many of the characteristics of a more expensive backpack.

We couldn’t advocate taking a torch with you without telling you about the IPX6 water-resistant  Rovyvon A2 G4 Stainless Torch, it’s great to look at and even greater to use. With five different lighting modes for you to adjust to suit your environment. Don’t let the small size deceive you, this torch has an impressive maximum lumen of 650.

The magnetic detachable base and clip mean this torch is great to use for small DIY projects around the house when you’re not out and about. The USB C charging port allows for easy and simple recharging, showing a blue light when charging and a solid green light when fully charged.

Whilst we hope this is scarcely needed on your adventures. It’s vital to have a well-stocked first-aid kit for survival purposes. The  AMK Ultralight/Watertight Kit.3 contains all the first aid essentials you’ll need in a handy reusable, waterproof dry bag.

Stay prepared without weighing yourself down, the entire kit is small enough to fit in the side pocket of your backpack. The kit includes supplies to treat muscle aches, dress wounds, and treat blisters.

The  Fox Multipurpose Pocket Knife Stag 7 is a UK-friendly carry knife with unrivalled features. Made in the heart of the European knife-making community in Maniago, Italy, this is a high-quality knife without a high price tag.

Featuring a range of tools perfectly suited to someone with a love for the outdoors. These include a large blade, small pen blade, can opener, bottle opener, flathead screwdriver, needle tool, saw, and corkscrew. The blades are made from superior stainless steel that many other brands don’t use for knives at this price point.

Keep your eyes protected and remain stylish with the  Oakley Latch Matte Black Prizm Grey Lens Sunglasses. Oakley are renowned for being style trailblazers, engineering sunglasses that provide convenient UV protection.

These sunglasses easily latch onto your shirt, ideal for trekkers who are walking in changing weather conditions and don’t want to keep getting their glasses out of their backpacks.

Available with Prizm lenses to enhance colour, contrast, and detail for an optimised experience. You can also get Oakley authentic prescription lenses so you don’t have to compromise on great vision.

Seeking new adventures in Spring? Shop our  new in collection to find more best-selling, premium-quality outdoor gear. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch or read some of our other informative blogs.

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