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Posted by HH on 19th Jul 2015

You asked us what our 10 most popular UK Friendly EDC were. Here is the answer!

10. In a number ten we have the small but powerful Spyderco Urban Lightweight! Well the name of the knife pretty much says it all. It’s a light compact and UK friendly EDC knife that is just perfect for you pocket, purse or workplace.

It has a full-flat grind and leaf-shaped profile provide an exceptional balance of strength, low-friction cutting performance, and point utility. A prominent index-finger choil (finger groove) helps prevent unintentional blade closure, while Spyderco’s Trademark Round Hole ensures positive one-handed opening with either hand.

Spyderco Urban Lightweight Spyderco Urban Lightweight

9. In at nine we have another Spyderco, this time we have the Spyderco Roadie. This is a penknife that’s designed for ease of use. It’s most distinguishing characteristic—the “Double Dent”—is a pair of symmetrical dimples in the blade that provide a solid purchase for a fingernail-free two-handed opening. Far superior to a traditional nail nick, they also do not collect dirt or debris.

Unlike traditional penknives, the Roadie also features a subtle index-finger choil that increases control of the knife during use and acts as a safeguard against unintentional closure. These enhanced features elevate the Roadie far beyond the conventional penknife and set a new standard in socially friendly cutting tools.

Unlike a traditional slipjoint, the Roadie’s blade is held open by an improved notched-joint mechanism. Its spring also forms the handle’s full-length back spine, giving it structural strength and providing a foundation for the durable fiberglass-reinforced-nylon (FRN) scales. The injection-molded scales are contoured for comfort.

Spyderco Roadie Spyderco Roadie

8. Swiftly onto number eight, we have the unmistakable Lansky World Legal with Blade Medic Combo. What is there to say about this knife other than it deservedly made its way into this select group of knives. It’s got a slip joint that’s so stiff you’d be forgiven it took a fair bit of effort to open and close it. It’s also a knife that stands out from the crowd. Do a blindfold test, and we are pretty condifent you’d be able to pick it out from it’s peers.

With this knife you also get a Blade Medic. This allows you to sharpen your knife out and about. Ensuring your knife is adequately prepared for the task(s) it’s about to underake.

Lanksy World Legal Lansky World Legal

7. Storming into seventh place we have the CRKT Edgie Self Sharpening Knife. It’s no wonder this knife made it into the top ten. A knife that sharpens itself everytime you open and close it. . . genius. How does it do sharpen itself? The secret is a 400 grit diamond-coated spring sharpener built into the folder frame. It is placed at the precise angle to give the Edgie’s Wharncliffe blade a sharpening stroke as it is closed, and again as it is opened. Because the internal diamond sharpening strip works on this one edge only, a tiny burr forms, which actually helps cutting action, acting as a micro serration.

CRKT Edgie CRKT Edgie

6. Narrowly missing out on the top five is the Klecker Cordovan Lite UK. This knife was initially released as a locking version, but following its deserved aclaim it was released earlier this year in a UK Friendly non-locking version! The design is the same as the locking version but the lock bar has been removed.

Aside from this being a very good knife, it’s also a very good looking knife too. The handles feature an attractive combination of matte finished stainless steel and layered brown G-10 inset into the handle in addition to several polished brass accents and a reversible pocket clip. The pictures below say it all.

Klecker Cordovan Lite UK Klecker Cordovan Lite UK

5. First up into the top five is the Enzo PK70 Carbon fibre Scandi Grind. This is a knife that can fall under the radar with it’s unassuming appearances, but we are so glad it made the top ten. The PK70 has a superbly crisp, sharp blade edge which is available with a flat or Scandi grind (it’s the Scandi that made it here though). We also love the carbon fibre handle, it’s comfortable, grippy and doesn’t look half bad either!

Enzo PK70 Scandi Enzo PK70 Scandi

4. The second top ten knife for Lansky, this time it’s the Lansky Madrock World Legal. This knife was only released this year and has had a rapid rise in it’s fame. The Madrock follows on from the success of the original World Legal (seen a nubmer 8), but with a few changes. The Madrock design upgrades include the same blade length yet with a shorter overall length and reduced weight for an enhanced everyday carry experience, and an inwardly curving blade. The handle features a low-profile deep pocket clip and a tactile rubberised grip that resists slipping even when wet.

Big things are expected from this knife later in 2015 as even more of you decide to get your hands on it.

Lansky Madrock World Legal Lansky Madrock World Legal

3. Things are hotting up now . . . In at number three is the third Spyderco knife, it’s the Spyderco PITS. This isn’t a cheap knife, and yet it still enters our top 10, because so many of you have purchased it, and for good reason! This lightweight, Titanium, UK Friendly Folding knife is stunning! Everything about it is simply brilliant. What we also love about it is that when you start getting to knives of this price it’s easy to not want to use it and leave it in a glass box. However, it’s great to see so many of you instead of caging the beast but unleashing it and using it as psrt of your EDC gear.

Spyderco PITS Spyderco PITS

2. Narrowly missing out on the top spot is the brillaint Boker Plus XS. The Boker Plus XS scores show highly because of its one-hand opening option, a slip joint construction, double G-10 scales and an ambidextrous clip. The titanium coated blade is made of 440C stainless steel and features a notched thumb ramp and a deep index finger choil which allows for different grip options giving added versatility. A perfect companion – anywhere, anytime.

You’d never put a bet on this knife not making the top ten, because it’s a brilliant knife, with everything you want in one easy to carry UK friendly EDC Knife.

Boker Plus XS Boker Plus XS

1. Here it is, the knife you’ve all been waiting for . . . The Spyderco UKPK (UK Pen Knife)! In the end there was only going to be one winner. There is something about this knife that consistently catches the attention of people all over the UK and the world in fact. We aren’t sure why either . . . is it how lightweight it is? Is it how it easy it can be carried in your pocket? Is it the FRN handles that provide not only great comfort but also grip? Maybe it’s the positioning of the finger choil? or the precison flat ground blade?

Either way this knife is superb! It’s ability to change from being able to do the hard graft tasks one minute then to be used seasmlessly to open letters the next. This is the knife to beat. Can the UKPK hold on to this spot for the next six months?

Spyderco UKPK Spyderco UKPK