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The Functionality and Performance of a Frame Lock Knife

The Functionality and Performance of a Frame Lock Knife

Posted by HH on 28th Mar 2024

The frame lock knife, famously invented by Chris Reeve, is an innovative locking mechanism renowned for its strength - essentially, the harder you grip the handle of a framelock knife, the more securely the blade locks in place.

Frame lock knife - top rated

The frame lock knife design has been developed by other manufacturers such as Medford and Hinderer, who are both well regarded in the knife community and offer high quality frame lock knife options.

View our range of Medford frame lock knives and Hinderer frame lock knives.

Rick Hinderer XM-18 "Slicer": Practical and durable tactical folder with S45VN stainless steel blade, G10 handle for enhanced grip and versatile pocket clip options.

Medford Antik Folding Knife: Combines unparalleled craftsmanship and durability with S45VN stainless steel blade, and blue anodised Titanium handle for timeless elegance.

Medford Genesis T: Tactical folder with black PVD-coated S35VN stainless steel Tanto blade, precise frame lock and sleek Titanium handle - ideal for collectors or users.

Medford Deployment: Meticulously engineered slimline knife with D2 carbon steel blade, tan G10 and Titanium handle, ultra-secure frame lock and Titanium pocket clip for exceptional durability.

Medford Slim Midi Tanto: Precision-crafted with 3mm thick S35VN stainless steel blade, 1cm thick Titanium handle, one-handed operation and unique flamed Titanium design for everyday use.

Medford TFF-H: Sets the standard for ambidextrous tactical folders with ‘overbuilt’ design, featuring 5mm thick S35VN stainless steel blade, bronze anodised Titanium handle and waterproof sealed hard case.

Medford Infraction: Engineered with S35VN stainless steel blade, blue anodised Titanium handle, ultra-secure frame lock, and Titanium pocket clip for slimline design and durability.

Frame lock mechanism in different models

Additionally, the framelock mechanism is employed by a variety of models across different price points, including but not limited to:

Kershaw CQC 9 Special Offer Folding Knife

Maximum size with Emerson aesthetics and Kershaw durability, 3.6-inch black-oxide-coated blade, contoured G-10 handle and reversible pocket clip for larger-handed users.

Kershaw CQC 10K Folding Knife

Inspired by Emerson Rendezvous, razor-sharp 8Cr14MoV stainless blade, comfortable grip, versatile outdoor functionality and quick deployment options.

Kershaw Highball

Sleek design with D2 steel blade for exceptional edge retention, two-toned finish and contoured steel handle with blue pivot trim ring.

Spartan Harsey Folder SW 3.25 Folding Knife

Reliable 6AL4V titanium frame-lock design, 3.25” CPM S45VN stainless steel blade, dual thumb studs and reversible pocket clip for high-quality everyday use.

DPX Gear HEST/F Urban Copper

Robust all-American folder with aerospace grade titanium and CPM S35Vn blade steel, integral hex drive, tri-gauge wire stripper jimping, patented blade notch for multi-functional use and backed by a lifetime warranty.

These exceptional frame lock knives at Heinnie Haynes are a testament to craftsmanship, durability and precision.

The definition of a frame lock knife

A frame lock knife is not dissimilar to a liner lock mechanism. Think of them as cousins. There is a subtle yet significant difference in the way they operate. The basic principle of opening and closing remains consistent between the two. However, the frame lock has a unique feature. As the blade swings open, a dedicated section of the handle gracefully shifts to engage and secure the blade in place, ensuring a firm lock.

How does a frame lock knife work?

The frame lock knife features an innovative design - part of the handle manoeuvres to interlock with the blade tang. As you open the blade, observe the left section of the handle gracefully embracing the blade, securing it snugly under the pivot point.

Because of the thickness of the locking portion of the frame, the blade is locked securely. Releasing the lock is a breeze - simply nudge the locking element aside, granting the blade tang the freedom to fold effortlessly.

Advantages of a frame lock knife

  • Naturally grip with your right hand to squeeze the locking bar against the blade, for added security.
  • A seamless one-handed operation for both left and right-handed users.
  • Mitigates the risk of accidental closures.
  • The thick locking bar guarantees unwavering strength and security.
  • The absence of spring action on the blade ensures smooth opening and closing to elevate user experience.
  • As with any knife, you may find potential problems with the locking joint - this risk can be reduced through regular pre-use checks and preventive maintenance.
  • The effectiveness of the mechanism relies on the friction between the lock bar end and the blade tang - this is susceptible to factors like wear, dirt or over/under-lubrication.
  • Left-handed users might inadvertently disengage the lock due to hand positioning.

For more information or advice, please contact a member of our friendly, expert Heinnie Haynes team on 033 0300 0400.

Find the best frame lock knife for you at Heinnie Haynes

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