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Preparing Your Survival Kit For Your First Outdoor Adventure

Preparing Your Survival Kit For Your First Outdoor Adventure

Posted by HH on 18th Jul 2023

To begin with, a survival kit is intended to help you survive... for a limited time.

In an emergency, your survival pack should keep you safe by providing for your requirements until rescuers arrive or you can make your way out on your own. The reality is that we're unlikely to ever use most of the items in it, but they're there just in case. Call it an insurance policy, but it’s worth investing in the items that will see you through the unforeseen. Perfect for anything from outdoor recreational activities or a proper survival trek.

Marbles Survival Box

Of course to start with, you’ll need something to put your survival kit in.

It was once thought that a highly experienced military agent could survive away from civilization using just his or her intellect, knowledge, and the contents of a tobacco tin!

That idea has stuck among outdoor and survival specialists to this day, and many various types of survival tins/boxes have been developed subsequently.

The Marbles Survival Box is a sturdy plastic box with an O-ring closure and an orange braided paracord lanyard. It comes empty, so you can fill it with your personal survival kit necessities.

Bushcraft Printed Survival Bag

A high-visibility, heavy-duty, full-size poly bag printed with survival advice on topics such as fire building, navigation and shelter. This may seem like basic information, but can act as a rallying point or focus when you feel overwhelmed or stranded.

500 gauge polyethylene bag

The colour is a bright day-glo orange.

345g (12.1oz) weight

Warm Packs Hand Warmers

Warming Packs Hand Warmers are unquestionably the most popular and well-liked disposable warm pack on the market. Completely efficient, dependable, and secure. Their warmer has been available in Europe since the mid-1980s. A truly tried-and-true piece of vital equipment for individuals of all walks of life.

The set includes two single-use air-activated heaters. These endure for a minimum of seven hours and are frequently usable for much longer. Simply slide Mycoal Hand warmers into your pockets or gloves and let the legendary Mycoal warmth keep the cold at bay.

Ideal for all types of outdoor activities, but especially when you’re out on the hills or sheltering from the storm . It's perfect for any activity that requires you to be outside during the winter.

ResQMe Mini Keychain Auto Escape Tool

During a car collision, this gadget is meant to break side windows and cut through locked seatbelts. ResQMe is designed to be attached to your keychain so that you are always ready for the unexpected.

ResQMe is equipped with a spring-loaded steel tip capable of shattering any tempered glass pane and a stainless steel blade capable of cutting through malfunctioning seat belts.

In an emergency, the break-apart design allows ResQMe to be quickly removed from its storage position.

Perfect for when you are in remote locations and can’t rely on a quick emergency response. This could mean survival or not.

Mora Bushcraft Black

A new knife in the Mora Bushcraft family, featuring a black 3.2 mm thick blade that is one of the most durable knives they have ever produced. The carbon steel blade is coated in black to prevent corrosion.

The back of the blade can be used as a fire starter. The spine of the blade is razor sharp, having been ground specifically for that purpose.

It comes with a plastic sheath and a little sharpener, as well as a fire starter.

Light My Fire Tinder on a Rope

The ideal piece of firewood you will ever come across. It's also natural. Nature does it best.

The Light My Fire Tinder on a Rope is an all-natural, chemical-free, tinder stick with a useful wrist carry rope. powerful and long-lasting fire.

It is a highly efficient tinder that burns even when wet due to its up to 80% resin content. No toxic smells, no chemicals, and no worries, environmentally friendly, portable, and space-saving. This could mean the difference between sheltering and eating in comfort or shivering through a wet night.

Paired with a Light my Fire Swedish Firesteel you’ll be confident of getting a fire going in just about any condition.

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