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Must-Have Backpack Accessories

Must-Have Backpack Accessories

Posted by HH on 1st Sep 2021

When prepping for adventures and expeditions, it is vital that you have the right backpack accessories at hand.

In this article, we will be looking into some of the most important backpacks accessories available in the market today, with all of these essential items being the key elements you need to complete your trusted travel companion.

Ballistic glasses

The first thing we would recommend is ballistic eye protection. These are a must-have item when traveling or camping because not only do they keep your eyes protected from any harsh sun rays, but also protect them against any harsh debris.

Ballistic protective eyewear comes in different sizes, shapes and colours so there’s one suitable for every person out there. You should always get yourself a pair of sunglasses even if the sun may not always be shining here in the UK.

Airsoft gloves

A good quality airsoft glove can help prevent injuries, as well as blisters. alongside improving your overall grip.

When looking at the materials, they are usually made from leather which helps reduce friction between the ball and palm making handling easier.

Here at Heinnie, we especially recommend Pentagon's Stinger Gloves, these gloves are not only complete with lightweight materials, but also include leather areas that help protect your knuckles from the hazards.

Airsoft knee pads

Perfect for airsofters, gardeners, carpet layers and anyone in between, airsoft knee pads offer an abundance of benefits, as they can help protect your knees for a matter of different situations.

They can provide comfort while walking on rough terrain, or simply protecting your knees during sporting activities.

An ideal solution when choosing the right kneepads for your requirements, would be to go with an option that offers a combination of both soft and hard polymer materials, just like these Tac Maven Knee Pads. which can be comfortably worn over or under trousers, making them suitable for many activities.

EDC flashlight

For those who love to explore their surroundings in darkness, EDC flashlights are especially ideal for emergency scenarios and when exploring dark and secluded areas. They are simple enough to carry around without having to worry about damaging anything; meaning they are great for hikers and campers alike.

Whether you choose something compact and easy to store, or opt for something larger and more powerful, you will find plenty of options to suit your needs.

EDC torch

EDC torches are another essential accessory for everyone's backpack, whether you're heading off on a night hike, or need a trusted light for emergencies.

With LED lights and various modes, including floodlight mode, headlamp mode and spot light mode, you can easily switch between lighting up dark places quickly and efficiently.

If you want to make sure your hands stay dry, then consider getting a waterproof flashlight, or even a headlamp.

Having more than one light source is vital to ensure you have everything you need in terms of navigation. Making flashlights, torches and headlamps the perfect adventure trio.

EDC pocket knife

If you're going hiking or exploring somewhere new then carrying a small pocketknife could prove invaluable. It's light weight, easily concealed, versatile and comes in handy throughout various outdoor activities. Plus, when purchasing an EDC knife, it doesn't have to be expensive, there are 100's of top EDC knife brands out there that offer versatile options that work for every adventurer.

With a variety of blades ranging from folding knives, fixed blade knives, multi purpose knives, utility knives and much more, you'll never run short of choice here at Heinnie Haynes.

EDC pouch

If you plan on taking along several items, why not consider getting yourself EDC pouches?

These little bags are convenient and allow you to keep everything together, whilst giving you extra storage space. There is no limit to what kind of things you can take, whether its toiletries, snacks, water bottles or other essentials you need to take along.

The best thing about EDC pouches is that they now offer a massive array of designs and sizes, so finding the ones that suits your organisational requirements will be simple.

Here at Heinnie Haynes, we have everything you need to complete your adventure backpack. You can shop these products and much more on our urban essentials range.

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