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Dog Walking Accessories - The Dog Walking Checklist

Dog Walking Accessories - The Dog Walking Checklist

Posted by HH on 15th Feb 2016

If you have a dog, they will need walking regularly. Come rain and shine, snow and gale force winds, and chances are that you are already pretty well prepared. However, there are always new ways of carrying your dog walking accessories, and there is always kit and gear that could really help you, you just never thought about it properly before.

Most of the guys and girls who work here at Heinnie Haynes own dogs of all different shapes and sizes, and this article is based upon the essential gear they take with them, and other items that their other dog walking friends carry.

So, in this article we are going to suggest to you some things you may want to consider for when you next walk the dog. But, this isn’t your standard list of doggie bags and a lead, we are talking a dog walking Heinnie style. Now all you have to do is scroll down . . .

Do you have a grab bag?

Do you know where your entire dog walking gear is? Or, are you hunting in all corners of the house to find a tennis ball or a flashlight? Well some the people in the office used to have this problem too, so instead of having everything loose in the house they created a ‘doggie grab bag’. This is a bag which contains everything you need for when you walk the dog, plus room for a few extra bits if your are going for a longer walk.

Now, this bag can take a number of different shapes and sizes, but there are a few general considerations to take into account.

Size is a big consideration, and that mostly depends on where/when you walk your dog. If you are going you a walk across the local park for 15/20 minutes then you probably won’t need a bag, but maybe you want an organiser. This is small enough to keep in your pockets, but big enough for storing your essentials such as leads, bags, flashlights and the like.

If though you are going to be out for longer periods then a grab-bag is a great idea. Something like the Maxpedition Fatboy Versipack. It is small enough to be easily carried, but definitely big enough for the average dog walkers gear. In all honesty, any of the Versipack range would be ideal for dog walking.

How to keep your hands warm

One of the biggest things we find that when walking the dog, your hands can get freezing. But, fear not, there a number of ways to keep your hands warm. Firstly, you will want to consider a good pair or warm and waterproof gloves. There is nothing worse then cold, wet hands so if you can prevent it. Brands like Sealskinz do a fantastic range of waterproof gloves, that are not only warm, but not too big that you can’t use your fingers.

Maybe gloves are not your thing though, which is fine, but then it is worth looking at hand warmers. These are great because they will heat your hands up pretty quickly and most will last a long time too.

Glow in the Dark Leash/Collar

These are just brilliant, and simple. A dog lead that you can see in the dark is just invaluable. No more tripping over your lead because your dog is literally running rings around you. It is really simple, and a great addition to your dog walking gear.

Silicone ‘pop-up’ Bowl

A portable dog bowl. Genius. Having and easy to clean, easy to carry dog bowl is invaluable. Especially if you are out for a long walk, and are likely to be stopping at a pub on the way.

Look after your feet, and they’ll look after you

Whether you are walking for twenty minutes or for a few hours, it is important to wear something proper on your feet. If you are walking on muddy and slippery grass you will want something that protects your ankles and gives you grip. If you are walking for long periods you will want something that’s extremely comfortable and breathable.

A good pair of walking boots can be a great asset not only for dog walking but also for any other outdoor activities. Therefore, it is always worth investing in a pair.

Flashlight and Headtorch

While researching for this topic, we found that nearly everyone we asked said they needed a flashlight, but very few were sure, about which ones would actually be useful to them.

You are not going to need a super powerful 5000 Lumen torch. A flashlight that has anything up from 100 lumens though is worth looking at, and you should also make sure it has a beam distance of at least 30 meters or so. This will allow you to see far enough past the dog, even when they are a full lead’s length away.

In addition though, many of the people asked said that if possible they use a head torch as it allows them to be hands-free. This is a great idea, and one that needs the same rules applying to as with the flashlight. Something else to consider though is the light angle adjustment. The more flexibility you have over beam direction the better, purely because of increased flexibility!


For most this would be a no-brainer, but it is always worth reminding everyone that waterproofs are a great idea, and worth keeping in your ‘grab bag’ in case you get caught out in the rain.

Depending on the weather and where you are walking the dog, you might want to consider gaitors, full trousers, jackets, and hats. For everyone who already owns a dog, this is probably common sense, but it really does make sense.

If the full waterproofs aren’t your thing, and you don’t want to carry around lots of different items, but still want some protection. Then perhaps a poncho is more your thing? They fold up small, provide good protection, and some are even insulated to give you a little extra warmth. Perfect for dog walking!

Micro fibre towel

It is not uncommon for dogs to jump in puddles, streams and ponds. So, if you need to dry them but don’t want to carry a full size towel, then a micro-fibre towel is ideal. They fold up really small, and are very lightweight, but absorb a lot of water.

If you have one of those dogs that just love to swim, then a micro-fibre towel is always a good shout to have on hand.

Doggie Morale Patch

To finish off your gear, it is always nice to add something a little more fun, and a little more ‘you’ to the equation. A dog related morale patch should do the trick.

Reader Suggestions

Tick Remover

Ticks are nuisance and can be a regular occurrence (for both you and the dog) depending on where you walk. Ticks are small blood sucking creatures which feed on the blood of host animals. In Britain some of the most common ticks are the Sheep Tick, Hedgehog Tick and the Fox Tick.

Now, with a tick you can’t just remove it, you need to be careful, that’s why you should use a Tick Remover Tool. This will allow you to safely remove any Ticks for you and your pet.


Whistles are a very useful tool. They can be used to signal for help, or to manage your dog if it is trained to do so. There are loads of different types of whistle available, some may be more appropriate for you than others, so it’s well worth looking through all of our whistles here.

Anything else?

It is almost guaranteed that we have either forgotten something or you guys have some other ideas on what to take dog walking. If that is the case, please let us know below! It is always great to get comments from you guys!

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