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Choosing an Anorak Jacket: Don't Let The Weather Ruin Your Next Adventure

Choosing an Anorak Jacket: Don't Let The Weather Ruin Your Next Adventure

Posted by HH on 12th Sep 2023

With Autumn swiftly approaching, the weather will soon take a turn for the worse - and the wetter. No one wants their outdoor plans ruined by the rain. But they don't have to be! The best way to keep dry this autumn is by investing in an Anorak Jacket

A modern anorak is a lightweight hooded garment that is both warm and waterproof. However, the actual definition of an anorak differs from country to country, and even from brand to brand.

An anorak, in its most basic form, is an uninsulated, unlined piece of clothing that provides excellent wind and water protection. It is constructed of 100% cotton as well as synthetic anorak fibre.

The term "Anorak" comes from the old Eskimo word "anoraq," which refers to a garment that also covers your head. And though they are now made of cotton (thankfully), an anorak was traditionally composed of animal skin with an oil covering to repel water.

This outerwear style arrived in the Western world in the 1930s, and the term "anorak" became part of the English language.

This jacket's design has likewise developed with time to become what it is today.

Anorak jackets are available in a range of styles, patterns, and features. The bulk of these styles have their own personality and serve diverse purposes.

Anorak Coats

An anorak coat is the finest solution if you want to appear elegant while staying warm. They are windproof to keep you warm in a cold breeze, waterproof to keep you dry in light rain, and stylish enough to become an essential component of any winter wardrobe.

Anorak coat styling is also quite basic. It entirely hides your upper body, so all you need are some tight-fitting jeans and some nice trainers. Alternatively, you can wear the coat with the front open and over plain turtlenecks for more style points.

Anorak Jackets

Anorak jackets are a lighter variant of an anorak coat that provides the same benefits. It is wind and waterproof, as well as insulating. Yes, it is not as warm as the coat, but it will suffice in most cases. It is also an excellent substitute for fleece jackets.

The best time to wear an anorak jacket is between late autumn and early spring.

Pullover Anorak Coats

Most people envision pullover anorak coats when they hear the term "anorak jacket." These are long, full-sleeved, hip-high jackets with a closed front and a little zip for easy on and off.

These jackets are "intended" to be worn for cold and water protection, and the best pullover anorak jacket ensembles reflect that philosophy.

For a selection of premium options, why not consider the following?

Prometheus Defiant Hoodie - A hoodie is still one of the most essential items in your survival pack. Lightweight enough to be worn in rain or shine, it’s worth investing in something that is going to last you as well as perform well under the pressures you put it under. This option from Prometheus is a weatherproof and secure option for those who want to be protected from the elements, but don’t want the bulk. This can easily be adapted for a variety of conditions, so you know it’s a bit of an all-rounder.

Carinthia G-Loft ISG Pro - Looking for something tough, yet extremely comfortable? This jacket from Carinthia is suitable for anything you can throw at it. Abrasion resistant, so perfect for inhospitable climates and terrain, you won’t need to worry about wear and tear nearly as much. For comfort, it has a fleece-lined inner and a securable hood too, so if you need warmth and protection too, it’s perfect as a companion to whatever you get up to in the great outdoors.

TAD M-65 Rs Field Jacket Ranger Green - The M-65 is a proven military design that’s had tons of field experience ever since World War II. The tough, yet flexible design means that it’s adaptable and offers enough manoeuvrability to be able to perform when you need it to. Excellent for any eventuality and stylish to boot, it’s a great choice for a true adventurer.

On a more limited budget? Check out these options:

Pentagon Anemos Windbreaker Jacket - This jacket won’t let you down. Simple but effective it’s a lightweight companion that will perform in even the most extreme of environments and will allow you freedom to stretch in any direction. No matter what the challenge, it will allow you to explore, climb, crawl or scramble to the most difficult of summits and across any terrain. Worry about the challenge ahead, not the jacket you’re wearing.

Snugpak Torrent - Need something waterproof, but warm? Then Snugpak have you covered. Cosy, but rugged, this is a great option for those heading to challenging climates and the extreme reaches of exploration.

Helikon Tex Woodsman Anorak Jacket - Made from DuraCanvas, which is often used to create tent skins and outdoor equipment, this jacket is perfect for extreme weather, tough terrain and much more besides. Also equipped with a voluminous organisation pocket, it’s a great space saver too. Need to stow essentials in a weatherproof section? This jacket could be your best choice.

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