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Buying Your First Throwing Axe

Buying Your First Throwing Axe

Posted by HH on 18th Jul 2023

Axe throwing is one of the most exciting things you can do with your hands. The combination of tremendous skill and accuracy results in some humorous and awe-inspiring footage all over the internet. With its roots in traditional feats of strength, competitive games and ancient festivals, there are a wide variety of axe throwing venues cropping up everywhere these days.

With these magnificent axe-throwing axes that will take your axe throwing to the next level, you can now turn your backyard or throwing range into a Viking's dream.

Ideal for personal usage or if you own an axe-throwing company. The axes on this list make excellent gifts for both novice and experienced axe chuckers.

This throwing axe purchase guide is for you if you are a backyard axe throwing fan, want to take your axe throwing game to the axe range, or want to compete in axe throwing competitions.

Prandi Throwing Axe “German Type” 600g

Passion, history, and innovation all come together under the "Made in Italy" quality stamp. Prandi is an Italian firm that has been producing cutting tools for nearly fifty years. Due to their degree of competence and craftsmanship, they are able to make some of Europe's best axes. For the best cutting tool, all edges are toughened, hand finished, and polished to a fine edge.

The Prandi Throwing Axe "German Type" 600g is a thrower's axe that is perfectly balanced and weighted. It has a C45/1045 carbon steel blade and a Hickory handle. A simple mask (cover) is included.

Cold Steel Norse Hawk

This is the best-seller for Scout groups looking to set up their own axe throwing range. The Cold Steel Norse Hawk's four-inch blade has a sharply curved cutting edge. It ends elegantly in two sharp points, evoking the Viking spirit.

These points improve the likelihood of a stick being thrown when the Norse Hawk is thrown. This makes it the preferred tool for axe-throwing.

It is a tough and sturdy tool made of drop forged 1055 carbon steel with an American Hickory handle.

Cold Steel Rifleman’s Hawk

The Cold Steel Rifleman's Hawk contains a functioning hexagonal hammer poll for heavy labour, such as hammering nails or stakes.

The Rifleman's Hawk is reminiscent of several early American designs. Its "peace pipe" appearance that Native Americans used in the last century is simply iconic. This hawk throws and sticks incredibly effectively for enjoyment and sport. If you want something that hits its target like a "tonne of bricks," the Rifleman's Hawk is the tool for you!

Cold Steel Professional Throwing Axe

Cold Steel now offers a Professional Throwing Hatchet for people that want the simplicity of a quick-change handle.

Because of its patent-pending locking system, changing a worn or damaged handle is simple. Start by loosening the bolts, then slipping out the worn handle. Then exchange it with a new one, and re-tightening the bolts.

You can now replace your handle and start throwing again in less than two minutes.

Condor Throwing Axe

You get two edges for the price of one with the Condor Throwing Axe. It also provides the user with a strong working instrument that is ideal for a variety of chopping activities outdoors.

Both blades are epoxy powder coated all the way to the edge, providing improved corrosion protection and a pleasant feel. The handle is simply wrapped with paracord, providing a large length of cord should the need arise.

It comes with a nylon sheath with a belt loop for simple and comfortable transport.

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