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Adventure Time - The Toughest Watches on the Planet

Adventure Time - The Toughest Watches on the Planet

Posted by HH on 23rd May 2022

A watch is often a glimpse into a person’s life, tastes and interests. Sure, some people just want to tell the time, but a timepiece can not only be a valuable tool, but reflect your passions too. A watch is much more than a way to tell time, it’s a statement of intent. Aesthetic options are for show, what you need is a tough, reliable and erstwhile compatriot to match your level of daring and sense of adventure.

Our range of watches are designed to impress as well as function in the toughest of conditions, but which one would suit your needs? It’s all about a balance between style and substance but here are a few options we stock that we think will make you tick.

You won't see many special forces operators in glossy watch adverts, but if you're (un)lucky enough to cross paths with one of Britain's elite, you may well recognise one of these on their wrist:

Davosa Ternos Pro GMT Automatic Blue/Red


Not everyone favours a mechanical watch, but here’s a reason why you should. Ostensibly a diver’s watch, this is at home with anyone who needs a hard-wearing but practical option. Incorporating a GMT function which allows you to display another time zone or measure elapsed time on the outside bezel. The bezel comes in a scratch-resistant ceramic finish which complements what is a striking timepiece in general. The glass is made from sapphire too, giving that definitive level of quality. Water-resistant to 200m and at a relatively light 214g it’s imposing but not dominating on the wrist. A real beauty with a fierce side.

Luminox Master Carbon Seal Automatic


Luminox watches are known for their toughness and durability, but this particular model comes with an automatic mechanical movement that sets it apart from pretenders in its pure aesthetic joy. Backed with incredible Luminox Light Technology, you can view the display in low light and completely dark conditions. Reliable and incredibly lightweight at just 115g, it’s the perfect balance of style and functionality that many of our customers strive for. This model also uses a sophisticated system of Tritium gas tubes for its illumination. Taking light to the next level, a gas tube is placed on each individual hour marker and hand. The tubes are self-activated gas tubes containing an isotope of hydrogen. This precision engineering means they will not dull in brightness like the standard photo-luminescent paint which requires an external light source to create a glow. Elegant, yet robust, this is a true adventurer’s choice.

Marathon Search & Rescue Diver's Quartz (TSAR) - NGM


Military toughness when paired with Swiss accuracy is always a winning combination and it’s here in all its glory in the TSAR. A diver’s watch with high torque and a quartz movement, it’s resistant up to 300 metres and oozes quality in every aspect. For example, the glass is actually a synthetic sapphire that is scratch resistant. An especially interesting element of this is that effectively the government-issued nature of this watch is ‘debadged’, the Non-Government Markings (NGMs) are not there, adding to the unique and exclusive nature of this timepiece. Add to this some incredible Tritium light technology, meaning you’ll never struggle to see it in the dark and you have an incredible investment on your wrist.

H3 P96 Outdoor Pioneer Evolution Nato

£244.95 - £259.95

Seeking out something affordable but tough enough for an adventure? The H3 P96 Outdoor Pioneer Evolution with Nato strap might just be your pick. Military in looks and precise to a fault, this particular model features trigalight self-powered illumination technology which means perfect readability at night and in poor visibility. Sometimes you need to rely on your timepiece to weather it all and to not let you down no matter what you are doing. A solid performer which looks the part, this is a great option for any adventurer or thrill-seeker. A watch should feel like a faithful companion and this model has it in spades.

Tad Quantum Watch Strap Black 20mm Topo


When you need that extra sturdiness, reliability and something to complement what you already have on your wrist, a proven workhorse of a strap is what is required. The Quantum blends 21st century precision machining with artisanal craftsmanship and extraordinary materials for the ultimate in adventure wristwear. Perfect for peace of mind and developed in collaboration with legendary knifemaker Todd Rexford of Rexford Knives, this is the ultimate in strength, wear and durability. If you’re at all worried about the stress levels of your strap, this will allay those fears immediately. It’s not often we say the word ‘essential’ but it applies here for the serious wanderer.

Whichever style you choose, these watches are truly timeless. Look at all we have to offer here.

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